Friday, August 18, 2006

Up, Up, Up little bear...

Those of you in the Wilson family know what I am talking about. The med team from TCH arrived at 10pm. They had some delays in NOLA. Apparently there is a FCC rule about pilots and how long they fly. The med team had to go back to Houston and get a night crew to fly us to Houston. None the less they showed up in a blaze of glory and accessed Braden and transfered care to TCH from the hospital here. Of course this took some time and Kodi and I followed them to the airport. We were granted access to the run way to follow the ambulance and Braden to the plane. It is a twin engine prop plane, so Kodi was not that excited but it was a 45min flight. They went wheels up a little after 12 midnight. We will wait and make a game plan Friday morning to determine when I leave to meet them up there. Thank you to everyone who has helped us both here in BR and across the country. Kodi and I could not do this alone. We will try to update the blog the best we can on the road.



Tonya said...

I went to bed last night thinking about y'all and sending prayers heavenward on your behalf --- woke up this morning thinking of you again and more prayers were lifted. I'll continue to do so throughout the day! You're in Houston! Praises to God for opening all the doors necessary to get you there. May God grace and mercy continue to strengthen and sustain you through this journey. Baby Braden, you're amazing! Daddy and Mommy, you're inspiring! WE LOVE YOU! Tonya

shalamarie said...

Yeah, I am glad that you guys called lastnight. Although, I did not sleep well and woke up every 30 min and put myself back to sleep by praying for you guys all night. I certainly hope that TCH will give us the answers we have been longing for. I love you all and I am so very proud of you for all that you are enduring. Thank you for keeping everyone up to date. Sorry about yesterday posting that Kodi had called and said they were on thier way at 3. She didnt know that it was going to take as long either.

Susanna and Greg said...

Greg and I were praying like crazy last night that everything would go smoothly on Bradens journey to Houston. We are SO GLAD that he is there now! Hopefully we will all get some answers as to what is going on with our little man.

We pray that God gives all three of you the strength to make it through this very difficult time.

We love you,
Greg, Susie and Lil Miss

nana W said...

Hello all, Brad is on his way to Houston at 1:00. He said they are getting looked over and Braden will spend 24 hours in isolation, part of hospital procedure. They are staying in the Ronald McDonald House and the hospital has been very welcoming to Kodi. Test will follow was they get to helping our boy. Thank you all for checking and may our Lord bless this family and all the doctors are about to do.
love to all

Debby,momma and nanaW

kathy laurent said...

dear kodi & brad, Our hearts and prayers are going with you to Houston. I can't imagine what you are going thru but I do know WHO is going there with you and before you! May He continue to cover you with His blessings and grace. His strength will sustain you. let us know if we can do any thing on this end with the house. Love, Gene and Kathy

B said...

You're still in our prayers as well! I'm glad Braden made the flight all right. I know you're in the place that God wants you to be and I am praying that He will guide the doctors to run the tests that will give us answers first and then develop a great treatment plan!
Brandy, Jeff, and the Girls

Anonymous said...

Dear all,
I'm so happy to hear that they can stay at the Ronald McDonald House! If anything changes with that, please let them know that my cousin lives about 30 minutes from the hospital. I've been in touch with her and she wants them to know that they are welcome there anytime. If there is anything else that she can do for them, she would love to help. I have her phone number, so if they need it, have them send me an e-mail ( call me.