Tuesday, September 01, 2015

We became a family of FOUR

So I'm sorry it's taken time to get something posted here... there's just SO MUCH to tell, but so much has to stay private because of the nature of our semi-open adoption. But she is here!!! Yes, SHE!!! We met with a potential birth mom in May, and a few weeks later, our baby was here!!

Laila Grace Wilson was born June 13th. 6lb 1oz

I cannot tell you how much we love this little girl. She has completed our family (for now) in so many ways! A "real baby" experience, complete with colic and tummy troubles... but all the smiles and personality we can handle! We hope to share the full story a year from now publicly when everything should be finalized, but God had ordained SO MUCH of our journey and hers to us. She was so MEANT to be our baby, even if WE didn't know it. Her name was even pre-ordained by the Lord, and we are super in love with her. Attitude and all!! She is going to be a firecracker!!

Braden's beeps do not seem to bother Miss Laila much, and her crying doesn't seem to bother him much either. They spend a little time together every day, and seem to be adjusting. Braden has come to accept that this baby is here to stay.

So now we are a family of four, and it's taken a bit of time to adjust to new terms like "children", "kids", and "daughter". Even scheduling for two little ones is a new adventure of us too! But we so look forward to all the things that probably most parents take for granted... probably the things we look forward to the most, are 1) Hearing the words "dada" and "momma" for the first time as parents, 2) having your child say "I love you", 3) Smiles back at you, 4) and the ability to give us a hug. These are the milestones that we look forward to, the ones you may have overlooked... and honestly, might be the only ones that matter to us!!

Thank you for your support on this journey, and sending us your love and prayers along the way.