Thursday, August 31, 2006

Home Again for a while

Well, they wanted to keep us for another week, but we eventually helped them decide to let us go. The renal specialist said all we needed to do is monitor blood pressure twice a day, and since we have a professional machine at home, they said we could monitor it at home and send in the results next week. The nuerology team has switched our medications, weaning us from Keppra to Zonegran for the infantile spasms. Since mommy and daddy have 'honorary' nursing and pharmacy degrees, they decided to let us handle the medications at home, and monitor his progress or lack therof on the new medications.

We got released last night from TCH, and we headed home. We got home around 3am, and were SO relieved to finally be sleeping in our own beds, after nearly a month of sleeping in "fake" beds, minus the few days we got to stay at the Ronald McDonald house while Braden was in the PICU. While it was an act of congress to get our insurance companies straightened out and find a specialized pharmacy to fill our new meds, (complicated since some of them have to be compounded), we finally got it all figured out today, even though it took over half a day! Mommy & Daddy willmost likely be headed to bed early for some good rest:-)

We head back to Houston next Wednesday for our follow-up appointments with neurology and renal, for another EEG to see how the new meds are doing, meet with the nuero specialist, and check-in with our renal doc to ensure Braden is doing good enough with his blood pressure scores, to stay off medication.

Braden sends everyone his thanks for all the cool e-cards you sent him while he was in the hospital, and he asked mommy to scrapbook all of them so he can look back and know how much he was loved and cared about when we face tough days ahead. Thanks for being a part of our world, and reaching out to our little guy with love.

Braden goes to work with Mommy until she trains the new sitter next Friday the 8th, her first day. Caralyn will be our sitter for Mon, Wed, Fri every week. Mommy is still working out what we will do for Tues & Thurs. We will be sure to let everyone know how it is going as we try the new medications, and most definitely have an update after our trip to Houston next week. Please continue to help us pray, that God will continue to bless us, and if it is in His plan, to bestow upon us a miracle for Braden.

Kodi, Brad, Braden


Tonya said...

"There's no place like home!" Welcome Home! Such good news to hear that Braden fought his way out of TCH - you're my hero, Braden! I pray that all of you will find peaceful rest at home and that you'll ease right back into a comfortable routine. I'll also be praying that all those "nasty germs" out in the world will stay away from our sweet baby boy as he continues to recover and gain strength. Enjoy the holiday weekend! Tonya and Co.

shalamarie said...

We are so glad you got to go home. This is what we have been praying for... Cant wait to see you soon! Love you- S~

Gram said...

I'm so glad your'e home. Try to take it easy this weekend and get some rest. Hopefuly your next visit to Houston won't last so long.
I'm glad you found a special care giver for Braden. He looks pretty relaxed. How many "chicks" did he collect at this hospital?
Love you lots!

Susanna and Greg said...

Glad you all are home. Hoefully you can get some rest now! We hope you enjoyed coming home to a CLEAN house!!!!!

Brady and Ashley Bagwell said...

It is so great to hear that you all are home! I know it must be great to be in your own beds!!! We will continue to pray for you all constantly! Much Love

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how you were doing! I am so glad to see you are HOME! Give Braden a BIG hug for me!
Nurse Kristy

General 5A Pigott said...

he stole my shirt!