Monday, February 22, 2010


So when we were holed up in the hospital in the Fall of 2008 getting Braden's trach, and then his new vent after the first one failed, one of the social workers there helped us fill out paperwork from a grant foundation that grants wishes for children under the age of 3. You can choose from three different packages - one was a gaming/video station, another a toy & music station, and the last a "comfort" station which would provide books and songs and maybe a chair.

After long discussions with our wish coordinator at Children's Wish Foundation International, Emily concluded that a traditional "comfort" station would not best suit our needs, and we asked her if we could just focus getting Braden a comfortable chair for his room, where mommy or daddy could hold him comfortably, as he has long since outgrown reasonable use of the glider.

With Emily's help, we were able to find a leather chair that glides and reclines, so that when the time comes for us to sleep with Braden, both parent and child will be comfortable. AND BOY IS IT!! Braden spent Sunday afternoon in the chair with Mommy giving it a good test drive. Braden was SO happy and content, it just warmed my heart to know that he was happy snuggling like that, something we don't get to do very often since cuddling like that requires time in the front room on the vent battery. And although mommy has lots of back problems, after she fell asleep with Braden in the chair and got up - she didn't hurt either!

PRAISE GOD for his many blessings and bringing our family a little bit of "comfort" with our little man. Hard to believe he will be 4 this April... we are thankful for every day we still have with him.

The cookbook is coming along and might be ready for distribution this summer!! We will keep you posted.

Thanks for checking on us!
Kodi Brad & Braden

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Better late than never...

Our Christmas trip home was quite the journey - as most are with us. It was a total "Griswald Christmas" as the craziest little and big things seemed to happen... from the van not starting to banging doors into barricades to trying to find power for Braden when we lost it at the farm.

It was so great to see our family and spend time with them. Many wonderful memories - thank you so much.

Braden with grandma Patee

Braden with Grandma Wilson

Braden "singing" to Gram

Betschart boys with their guns

Betschart Grandkids (& uncle Shane)

Wilson Stockings - lots!

Wilson Clan

Icycle at the farm

Feathers my sis uses to make GORGEOUS ornaments!

Ethan & Gram

More pics to follow from xmas soon, and an update from our HOUSTON visit to the Mitochondrial specialist.

Love & Hugs,
Braden, Kodi & Brad