Monday, July 21, 2014

Birthday goodies and the SuperMOM weariness

So I wanted to take time to thank those of you who gave Braden Amazon gift certificates but weren't quite sure what that would get him. Well I've included pictures of Braden's room and his new, amazing light projector. He loves it. Totally loves it. Here you can see why he would love it too.

We also got him a traveling gel memory foam bed for our trip back home. One of the places we stay he won't have a bed, so we wanted to be sure he would be comfortable!! And we were finally able to get more beads/filler for his bean bag chair that he adores, and enough to refill his foot rest - since he has grown over 1.5 inches in the past year, his feet are really starting to hang off the edge and nearly touch the floor.

Well, we are really digging deep into a few things that require a lot of work right now - so just pray for us.
1. We are in the middle of our home study for adoption, nearly finished with most of the pre-req paperwork and have embarked on the toughest part (seriously, harder than finding a match) - FUNDRAISING. When God called us to adoption, and still having a Braden situation (and the medical bills and fundraising required to keep up with everything insurance doesn't cover - and Obamacare has left us with more supplies and medicines this year that will no longer be covered) - we didn't exactly have another account of $40 - $50K sitting around just waiting to be spent. Yes, that is how much a domestic adoption costs. There is a possibility we could luck out and get one of this opportunities to only have to spend around $15K, but we just don't know our journey yet. But adoption today is done with a higher attention to the emotional stability and security that are more healthy for the birth mom and adopted child, long term.
2. Mommy is about to become a home health agency. I have a ton of things to get set up and paperwork to complete but soon we will have complete control over hiring, firing, evaluations and pay raises for our Personal Care Attendant workers.It will bring more work for us, but nothing we can't handle, and honestly will give us better control over communication between worker and employer. Pray for us!!
3. Seasonal sickness and sleeplessness are upon us. Many in Baton Rouge have been sick over the past 4 - 6 weeks with sinus and allergy flares that have debilitated them. It's been no different in our house, but yet different in severity and length. We have not slept in over 6 weeks now. Braden - poor thing has had stuff pouring out of his face every night. And while you and I would have an autonomic reaction telling our body to cough or breathe to clear our airway - he doesn't have that - so we have to clear it for him. Every night. Several times a night. So we definitely have lots of newborn practice, LOL. But after 6 weeks, it takes a toll on the parent too - leaving us susceptible to infection too. So mommy got sick with the sinus infection business too, but hopefully after a visit to the ENT we are on the mend… and my Superwoman cape will once again be restored. But special needs parenting is not for the weak, you will become weary from time to time. It's hard to take care of ourselves when we are busy caring for others - but I'm learning. And trying. I guess I'm never too old to learn. Sometimes the lessons have to come many times before we take it in:-)

Occasionally I get to see a post like this and it's a great pick-me-up and reminder that even at my weakest… I CAN DO THIS!! :-) (All things in Christ who strengthens me!!!)

Thanks for checking in on us!!
Kodi, Brad & Braden