Sunday, August 20, 2006

Baptism Blessings

My cousin Sharon called me yesterday and within five minutes her old youth minister, now a pastor, had called us to see how he could help. We arranged for him to come baptize Braden last evening in the hospital. It will be as memorable for him, as it will us, as it was his first baptism! Pastor Dan Hauser from Crosspoint Church in Katy, TX did a wonderful job, and godparents Uncle Brian & Aunt Jenny joined us by speakerphone. Not to worry - we will be doing a renewal ceremony in Wichita back at our home church for family to attend:-)

Braden is a little more awake today, and we are waiting the final results from his cultures to get the 'clear' on no more gowns & gloves - so far everything has been negative. Since everything so far has been negative, they are going to put a hold on putting in a pick line (central line in the arm), because if there is no need to continue IV antibiotics, then we may not need the pick line. So we have a reprieve on that for one day to see how things play out. Monday he is still scheduled for a bronchial scope to see how the vocal cords are working. At that time, they will make the decision to remove the breathing tube if he does fine breathing on his own, and we have no reason to believe that he would still need it. Yesterday and today he was on CPAP, so essentially breathing on his own, but the machine ensures he breathes deep breaths and not shallow - and he is doing fine with that.

His nurses always say how adorable he is... so we are anxious to get all that tape off his face, so he can be clearly seen for the cutie-pie he really is. Mom & Dad are fine and learning the hospital, and grabbing rest when we can.

Some of you have figured out how to send Braden a little greeting, and I wanted to post it for the rest of you. We will be posting his greeting cards in his room for him... you can visit to send him a personalized greeting card that they print out on cute cards and hand deliver to his room daily.

Thanks so much for your wonderful support and prayers - we will be in touch with Braden's progress!

Kodi, Brad, Braden


nana W said...

Blessings for sure little boy. Thank you to Pastor Hauser. I also thank the Pastor from Gloria Dei Lutheran who visited Braden. This young man will continue to amaze us all and we will await the day he is welcomed by his extended family. Uncle Brian and Aunt Jenny were thrilled to be there by speaker phone while in Colorado.
Peace to you little one.
All our love, nana, grandpa, uncle Brent and Scott

Susanna and Greg said...

I had sent out the information about the greetings to everyone here so hopefully Braden will get some more cards to cheer up his room. We are so glad that Braden is the newest little Christian boy! We went today and mowed your lawn and cleaned up inside.
Lots of love and Peace,
Greg, Susanna and Lil Miss

Susanna and Greg said...

Hey, I noticed no gloves or robes in the picture, THATS PROGRESS!!!

Ray and Dorothy Baus said...

Can't help but notice the "Frog" influence.

Just wanted to tell you about "Frog" Just Look at the first letters
"Fully Rely On God"

Ray and Dorothy

Tonya said...

It's so good to see you all together...what a special occasion for your family - Braden's baptism with Uncle Brian and Aunt Jenny on the phone...and SO many of us "with you" also as we were remembering you in thought and prayer last night. We were "all gathered in His name!" I wish for you a week of noticable progress, answered questions and abiding hope! Lots of love and big hugs to each of you! Tonya

shalamarie said...

This is so sweet. I am so glad that Sharon called in a favor. How thoughtful. I love what Ray and Dorthy said. This is perfect.
I almost stepped on a FROG yesterday and just about wet my pants. Ok grandpa.... enough of the jokes and get this little man better. Love you guys. Hope to see you soon!
Paxton is still insisting that you bring Braden to her and she will make him better by giving him hugs and kisses. Kisses fix everything.

Gram said...

Praise the Lord! I can't wait until we can all get together for a real celebration for his baptism renewal. I'm so glad Brian and Jenny could "sort of" be there. That was a good idea. Get some rest when you can. You can't take all of those "helpers" home with you.

Gram & Papa