Friday, February 08, 2013


Brad and I have held a special place in our hearts for seahorses. One summer while in Baltimore, the aquarium had a special exhibit of seahorses. It was a really neat entire section full of just seahorses. It was there we learned a few surprising facts as we meandered through this world of floating little beings. We learned that seahorses choose a partner that they stick with forever, a rarity in the animal kingdom. Many seahorses are monogamous, meaning they mate for life. The male and female have an elaborate, daily courtship ritual, involving a "dance" where they entwine their tails, and may change colors. Of course, my second favorite fact is that the males carry the babies. HA HA

Maybe that’s why we were so drawn to them – some inspirational parallels to our human relationship. I painted a ceramic seahorse for Brad before we left Chicago to move to Baton Rouge. And maybe that’s why we were so drawn to the light up seahorse for Braden. You know the one – it’s like the glow-worm. The tummy lights up, it plays music reminiscent of both nursery and weddings… like it too has it’s own little “dance”. Our “Oliver” (seahorse) has been such a big part in Braden’s life too… it goes on trips, it goes to the hospital and it calms him anytime he gets anxious or upset.

This Christmas, I saw this ornament, and I just couldn’t leave it. I saw it, decided it doesn’t go with anything I’ve got for my patriotic red, white and blue Christmas trees. I was about to leave, and something just kept telling me to go back, it’s almost like I felt I would be leaving something very important behind if I left without it. I went back. It just spoke to my heart. Seeing this beautiful representation of two seahorses kissing, almost intertwined in a heart shape. An everlasting kiss, an everlasting embrace – I just couldn’t walk away and leave it behind.

To our friends, Kyle & Mindy…God has brought the two of you together for reasons we might already know, and reasons we may never know. I can tell you first-hand that going through something extremely difficult as a couple can either tear you apart, or solidify your relationship and its foundation. Everyone can already see how your difficult but precious journey you began less than a year ago, has brought you together. You two have been a unified, loving, strong, courageous couple who has chosen to face this battle together, hand in hand. I see you intertwined in loving embrace, just like the seahorses. They already had special meaning since Lawson loved his little “Oliver” so much, I just had to share with you how they’ve come to be special to us too. God has been nudging me to share this story with you. Maybe it’s just the suggestion you needed for a memorial tattoo? Giggles… I’m including the picture of the ornament, it’s just too perfect and I just had to share it with you.