Sunday, May 31, 2009

Single Dad this week

Well, Daddy is the hero around the house this weekend. Braden's pulse-ox machine went down again, but much more major than recent issues. We have the new one on order... but as our luck would have it, it is on back order, so we are trying to make this one work as long as possible. After last night's malfunction, we met the old provider at the office for a back-up to keep until Braden's new one finally comes in. At least we will breathe a little easier while mommy heads off for a short conference this week in Raleigh, NC.

We hope to put Braden in a baby pool tonight so he too can enjoy some of the warm weather and get to enjoy one of his favorite relaxing things to do - floating in the pool.

Braden got to hang out in the living room with us for awhile yesterday, and then he showed us how much of a big boy he is and can relax watching TV all by himself.

We have lots of doctor's appointments to make this month since we are now three - it's time to check in with everyone. Plus our new trach tube is in, and we have to do that in the office. It's the one that's supposed to help with all the secretions, but might also take away Braden's ability to "hum" or "talk"... so we will have some new challenges too.

We hope your summer is beginning well. We are preparing for a long trip home at the end of the month. Thanks for checking in on us.

Braden, mommy & daddy

Braden "talking"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The little buddies

Braden looking at the lights above his bed...

Tickle fight!!!

Are you boys riding a roller coaster and screaming??? :-)

So it's been a crazy week around here... but finally getting to post. These pictures are Braden with his namesake, our godson Brandon. These two characters already have such a connection - notice the EXACT SAME expression in the one photo. Then the other one looks like he's tickling Brandon and making him laugh.

Braden made his debut turning three with his first three-year-old fit (he even kicked mommy!!)... here is a link to the youtube video:

We've had some major drama with his pulse-ox lately that we are trying to sort out. Rest assured, our personal Braden-angel Staci has a new one on it's way and soon all will be right with his equipment once again. Pulmonary Care Specialists, Inc. is our personal little wish-granter right here on earth - they are truly FANTASTIC!! Anyone who needs affordable pedia-sure and affordable equipment because your insurance company is as ridiculous as ours is... please write me and I will send their contact info. She can ship anywhere!! So even if you are not here in LA... and need a better provider - I will send her info.

Hope you are all well... mommy got some bad and good news. Good news is no surgery, but the bad news is yet another disk has torn and another new one is bulging, creating a lot of pain... we are hoping a few weeks of PT will get her back on track and avoid injections and epidurals and such. Extra prayers are appreciated.

Daddy is busy at work as usual, but finding lots of time for Braden and helping mommy more too.

Check back soon...
Braden, Mommy & Daddy

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Well, we spent Mother's Day with our friends the Heckerts who hosted a Mother's Day crawfish boil. It was nice to spend time with friends and just relax!

It's been a rough week with mommy's back having lots of problems again, so much pain even prevented her from changing Bubba's diaper:-( Mommy's back has been getting better VERY slowly with the help of oral steroids and pain meds. She had and MRI this past week, and we hope to have a plan of action for full recovery later this week.

Daddy has been busy playing with some new technology. He made a neat slideshow (online scrapbook) with the photos from Baby Bee's birthday party. Here is the link for you to enjoy:

Then he found a way to create a collage of Braden videos. Here is the link to the one he did for Mother's Day, which was Braden's first days... he was so tiny!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, tell you moms how much you love them - they never get tired of hearing it:-) I included a pic of a poem-type thing about special needs parents that was sent to me, and thought it was appropriate to share with all of you.

Thanks for checking in on us,
The Wilson's