Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Extended Stay - again

We had a surprise visitor drop in on us from LSU, Melinda, who brought Braden some adorable new ‘crib critters’ for Braden, so he is getting to know his new froggies. He has really taken to little lamby, and he looks so cute holding him!! (We will post more of his pics with little lamby in the coming days…) One of God’s little lambs, holding another:-) Melinda also found a little alligator finger puppet with a popsicle, that looks like one of Braden’s mouth brushes, as you can see he his holding in the photo.

Braden’s seizures are getting fewer still, but we are seeing some increase in the infantile spasms again, but are hoping the new dosage of Kepra will make them go away. It looks like they will be keeping us here until they go away. We thought we may be headed home today after our EEG, but since the infantile spasms are back, once again, our plans have changed, and we may not make it back until after Labor Day. Mommy and daddy are trying to come up with a plan so that neither of them misses too much work, and ensures that Braden gets the best possible care he needs.

The renal specialist is sending us for a kidney scan today. They inject an isotope into Braden’s blood stream, to get a very clear picture of his kidneys to see if there is any scarring. This is our first trip to nuclear medicine here. Those results will help determine plan of care, for now, he is off the diaretic which was to help his swelling and help counteract those medicines he is no longer on that caused the calcium deposits in the first place.

A hospital volunteer let us pick out a blanket that some local women make for the young kids, we thought the dalmations were cute and would help his eyesight continue to improve with the white, black, and red contrasting.

The fundraiser in Wichita for September 17th, the fund-matching event, I believe will be a dinner and bingo. Some of you have e-mailed asking where and to whom you can send a check. It has to arrive by Monday, September 18th to be matched. Here is the information – please make out the check to “St. Andrews Lutheran Church”, and in the memo line, write “Braden Wilson Fundraiser”. You can mail the check to St. Andrews Lutheran Church at 2555 Hyacinth, Wichita, KS 67204.

We got another visitor last night, our friend Greg Blanchard from Baton Rouge came in for business with DOW Chemical. While I am sure that his pregnant wife Susie was hoping she could be with us, I know she is busy back home taking care of things for usJ It was a nice treat to get out of the hospital air we have been breathing for some time now, and shake off a little cabin fever with a dinner treat from our generous friends, the Blanchards.

Thanks to everyone who continues to show us your love and support, and most importantly your words of kindness and encouragement. Our hearts are full to know that so many people out there care about us, even those we only know by name or acquaintance. God’s blessings are abundant!

Kodi, Brad, Braden


Tonya said...

Good Morning! Braden - you look so "free" in this picture without tubes and bandages, and so peaceful in mommy's arms! You keep getting stronger and enjoying all of your new "friends." Those friends and all of your other friends from far and near will continue to journey with you and keep loving you like crazy! Daddy and Mommy, we love you too!

Love and hugs,
Tonya and Co.

shalamarie said...

He looks like he is feeling so much better. I am glad that you are getting closer to the time when you can be home in your own BED. All of you!
I am so proud of you guys for how strong you have both been through all of this. I cannot tell you how inspiring it is. Here I am complaining about being sick all the time yet, I have so much to be grateful for. Thank you for that special reminder. I love you all and miss you so very much. Aunt Shala & Cousin Pax- lil sas pants

Susanna and Greg said...

Greg said he really enjoyed visiting with yall on Monday night! Of Course he enjoyed PF Changs too!! We are praying that Braden's health will continue to improve and that you all will be able to come home soon!

We love you!
Greg, Susie and lil Miss

Gram said...

Braden looks so content in these pictures. What a cutie! I hope you get much more of this in the days to come.
I pray they figure out what dosage to give our little man soon so you can get back home.
We constantly keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
Love & hugs,
Gram & Papa

Ronda said...

I have just caught up on all that is going on with Braden. My heart is aching for you and all of your family. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I will look forward to the fund raiser in Wichita. He is such a cute baby and looking so happy with his mommy. You and Brad are so blessed to have each other to lean on.
Ronda Hamilton

Victoria said...

Hey little man - you are looking much more relaxed without all that gobblygook! I bet Mom and Dad are feeling much better being able to hold you again! Hang in there and hurry home! Think of all those friends waiting to welcome you back! Kisses!