Sunday, August 20, 2006

How to Reach Us

The first pic was taken at OLOL... Braden started moving his arms "with purpose" about two weeks ago, and his favorite "chill" position is kicking his arm out to the side like you see. He also is growing more fond of his little froggy - yep, another frog, but this one is stuffed:-)

The second pic was taken two days before leaving OLOL - the bandaid is where his IV was at.

Some of you have asked where you can send us a card... we are staying at the Ronald McDonald House at TCH, 6621 Fannin Street AB485, Houston, TX 77030-2399 Attn: Guest Braden Wilson Family (Try to let us know if you are sending something, so we can alert the volunteer reception desk).

We still don't have clearance to take off the gowns and gloves - that has to come from the infectious control team, and since they suspect he could have a virus, they may keep that order until next week... we snuck in a good picture without all of that on, since we were not touching him, post-baptism.

We hope to have news to share tomorrow evening after the ENT does the bronchial scope, and perhaps Braden will be extabated. He is definitely ready for that silly tube to be OUT of his throat, he is constantly pushing at it with his tongue. At least this will mean we can hold him, even though he will still be tethered, and we will be gowned up.

Good night to all - thanks for all the wonderful cards, e-mails, prayers, and thoughts... we could not be where we are without all your incredible support. Love to all,
Kodi, Brad, Braden


shalamarie said...

I love you guys.

Susanna and Greg said...

We love us some Braden!!!

Aunt Jeannie said...


Your little froggy is a sweet as you are! Keep reaching out for the stars Braden because you deserve to own each one! Good luck today with all of your tests. I hope that you are soon off of that tube and into Mommy and Daddy's arms.

Much love,

Aunt Jeannie, Uncle Dave and cousins

Brady and Ashley said...

We love you Braden :)! Constantly praying for you.

Dan Hauser said...

We have been praying for Braden and your whole family here at CrossPoint. We are happy to be your church home in Houston!!!

nana W said...

Pastor Hauser and Crosspoint... The family of Brad and his extended family in Wichita Ks are blessed to have had you baptize Braden. Kodi, Brad and Braden are so special to us all.We look forward to the day when he is here in Wichita and the family and members of this area see this beautiful child of God. Our other son and his wife were so thankful to be part of the baptism even if it was by cell phone.
Bless your ministry and the people of Crosspoint. thank you for taking care of our family.
Debby and Richard Wilson, Brent and Scott