Thursday, August 10, 2006

Not Yet Part 2

Well, our trip to Houston has been temporarily put on hold, as Brad has updated you on. Braden’s chest cold that started 3 weeks ago (about the same time our seizures started), has manifested into something bigger. The 10 days of amoxocyllin made him better towards the end of the medication, but 3 days later he was struggling again to breathe and just working incredibly hard to do so. After two days of a Z-pack and consecutive days to the doctor’s office to treat our bronchitis without improvement, we landed in the Emergency Room at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital. They moved us into a regular room by noon… our pediatrician’s plan was to get us admitted to get seen by the only pediatric pulmonologist in town, who this morning decided we should be moved to the PICU to be monitored more closely on a 24/7 basis.

The doctors feel we may have a rare form of pneumonia (something called PCP), directly related to the ACTH injections. If you research ACTH, you will come across information regarding the treatment of AIDS, as this is how it was initially used, and where they then discovered this rare form of pneumonia related to the ACTH, as it breaks down your immunization system. So they are treating us as if we have this, and aggressively giving us multiple antibiotics to kill off whatever we have. We may have more answers in a few days as our blood and sputum cultures have a chance to cultivate.

My wonderful step-sister-in-law, Regina was able to get us a room in a Marriott in Houston (she works for Marriott in Denver), and we are so appreciative – we hope that we will still be able to use the room for our delayed trip. Thanks Regina, Cody, and Lance for helping us out!! We have temporarily rescheduled our trip to Houston for Sept. 6th, but may go sooner if our health allows.

We will try to update the blog again when we have some answers to share, but like usual, we are still waiting. We got two new machines this past week, a nebulizer and a suction machine. When Braden has his friends over to play, he will get to share his fancy “toys” that none of the other kids have. I posted a pic of Brad suctioning our little man... although we are in the hospital in this picture, the night before this was taken, Braden got one all his own for the house... so Brad and I continue to get our nursing degree before Braden turns one.

Keep us in your prayers to get us through this rough patch, so we can hopefully recover unscathed.
Love to all,
Kodi, Brad, & Braden


Tonya said...

Blessings, love and prayers for each of you! We dropped in to see Nana Debby earlier this evening and got an update. You've got an army of "pray-ers," upholding each of you during this latest hurdle. We continue to journey with you --- we love you! Tonya

nana W said...

Well fellow fans of Braden Mark we are challenged to rally this family and the medical staff that is giving their all to our boy. He has people from near and far lifting them up for protection and healing. Thank you all from the Wichita Wilson's for your love and support to the Baton Rouge Wilson's. Thank you to all the friend's in Baton Rouge who are the arm of support to this special family from the family and friend's up North. God Bless

Nana Debby, Grandpa Richard, Uncle Brian, Brent and Scott and Aunt Jenny

Susanna and Greg said...

We are praying for little Braden. We are so happy that he is now somewhere where he can get proper care for his illness. We know that God will get all three of you through this.

Greg, Susanna and Lil Miss

B said...

I'm so sorry for Braden's tough time! He's a trouper and God is looking out for him!

On a lighter note....look at your CHUNKY MONKEY!!! He's quite a cutie! I'm sure he's passed McKenna's 13 1/2 pounds easily!!! Build those muscles mama!!!

Anonymous said...

hey there, i only know you from what shala tells me....we will keep your lil man in our prayers and hope for a speedy recovery. he looks like a tough lil guy!!!