Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Our Little Fighter

Great Aunt Jeannie & Dave Merrill sent Braden the adorable bath robe - I think he looks like a boxer in it:-) The bear he is being buddies with was his first gift bear from Nana and Grandpa Wilson.

We are out of the PICU and into a regular room. While we can't quite breathe a sigh of relief that it is over, at least we have improved enough to move into a room. They are treating us with intravenous antibiotics, as they are the strongest available - we really need to knock this thing out. We didn't know until we were making progress that this kind of pnuemonia has a 25 - 50% fatality rate - so we are lucky that we had good doctors to start our antibiotics the day we were admitted into the Emergency Room. Since Braden has an immune-suppressed system due to the steriod ACTH shots, however a 'normal' patient would be treated, we have to go stronger and longer. So a normal patient receiving antibiotics would get a 10-day treatment, we will be getting a 14 to 21 day treatment. I wonder if we need to put in a change of address form with the hospital address?

Braden is having a hard time keeping the IV's... last night they tried 7 times to get a vein and they all blew... and on try 8 he got one in the neck from the PICU doctor. It has already come out again, so they will probably try his head somewhere. Mommy has a hard time watching them fail at getting the IV in, so Daddy has been keeping our little trooper company during those procedures.

Please continue to pray for his recovery. If you need to reach us, we are on our cell phones, and staying at the 'hotel' hospital...

Kodi, Brad, & Braden


aunt Jeannie said...

Baby Braden,

I just love how you look in your "Rocky" robe. You just keep "knocking" out those germs and get better.

We are so happy that you are getting better and that your doctors are so on top of your needs. We have all prayed very hard for your health and will continue to do so each and every day.

Much love, prayers and hugs,

Aunt Jeannie, Uncle Dave and your cousins.

shalamarie_99 said...

Oh my poor little man. I wish I was there to help you. I know that you guys are strong and are going to get through this on top. The prayers are being answered. He looks really PO'd in this first pix. That wasnt when Paxton was screaming in the phone at him was it? "Get Braden and come and see me.... now....... PLEASE!"
We love you- S & P

Tonya said...

God bless and bless and bless each of you! Thanks for the faithful updates --- we have lots of "warriors" praying for you and they too appreciate the updates. Sweet Baby B has endeared himself to people all across the country! Y'all keep fighting and we'll keep praying! Love to you, Tonya

nana W said...

you give em heck Braden. Love the pictures and keep them posted up on my computer.
Brad and Kodi... tell the doctor's and nurses how greatful we are for their wisdom. We are also greatful for you two. Braden Mark Wilson you are at the center of so many prayer circles.
Love you sugar,
nana W and grandpa

B said...

Keep on goin' Braden!

Kodi, don't feel bad about not being able to watch them "poke" your little guy. It's hard for me too! McKenna has such small and rolly veins that it often takes them at least 2 or 3 pokes just to get a simple blood draw. I believe that Mommies and Daddies are for comforting after the fact!

We're praying for you guys!

Aunt Jeannie said...

Braden, Kodi and Brad,

We are all praying for you as you go through these difficult days. You are all in our thoughts and we know that you are being held in the comfort of God's arms.

Much love,

Aunt Jeannie and family

Vanessa Saizon said...

Hi Kodi,

Just want to say that Braden, you and your husband will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. I believe and stand by faith that your baby boy will be healed and have a speedy recovery.

All the best,

shalamarie said...

Ok I lied, They have not left yet. I was calling Brad and Kodi answered. They are still waiting to get transported.