Tuesday, December 25, 2012

An unexpected Christmas Gift

This year has been busy for us - if the lack of blog posts didn't make that evident enough. We've been very busy with our jobs, keeping up with Braden's newest ailments and getting more involved at our church. Some may know our church faced some controversy and challenges as the pastor of 20 years stepped down unexpectedly. Speculation can be hard enough on a congregation, as if "change" itself wasn't enough of a challenge. For us a family, the change has been positive, as we fully support the incoming pastor and his wife - but we have been blessed to also call them friends. Pastor Mike Haman is a humble, funny, down-to-earth, sincere man who wears his love, empathy and compassion for others on his sleeve - making it evident to anyone who has ever met him how much he embodies the love of Christ. His wife, Pastor Rachel is an incredible woman of similar character who puts you at ease the moment you meet her, and the Christian spirit shines bright through her empathy and compassion for others - making it hard not to be swept up in her beautiful smile and personality. They have 3 children. The youngest, Trevor is 5 yrs old. Trevor and his family have given us the biggest Christmas blessing we could have wished for - and until I post this, they will have no idea just how much it's meant to us. Brad does security for the church, so he has gotten to know several of our pastors well, and they in return have gotten to know us. It's been an amazing feeling to be part of such a big church, that does so much for the community - for us to feel like we have personal relationships with our pastoral staff, and call them friends. So this fall, we passed out some of Braden's "Bee-lieve" cups and last year's purple & gold magnets with Braden's picture on them to some of the staff to share with their children. Soon after that, Trevor (Mike & Rachel's youngest) said he likes purple & gold now, because Braden likes purple and gold. This was the gift we never thought we would be given... another child "looking up to" Braden. Most children look at Braden as a big baby. I can't even bear to tell the story in person without fear of getting overly emotional about it. Knowing that Trevor & his siblings are not only praying for our young soul, but that he actually looks up to him, is something as Braden's parents I don't think we ever anticipated getting to experience. It warms my heart more than I can express, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to have our church family embrace Braden like he belongs to them too. We are so grateful to feel the love and support from people who CHOOSE to love him. We want to send our love to our ENTIRE HPC family of pastors, connect group members, special "adoptive" family members, and members at large who make up our church family. We continue to be blessed by family and friends and followers of this blog and his facebook page - we are so grateful for your continued notes of encouragement, financial contributions to his medical fund, emotional support and the unending prayers. We hope 2013 will be prosperous, joyful and filled with many unexpected blessings for each of you. Thanks again for keeping us in your thoughts. Kodi, Brad & Braden Wilson