Friday, August 25, 2006

Still waiting on EKG results

Today is Braden’s fourth month birthday, and he had many visitors. Ronda and Chase from our Bible Study class stopped through with a care package from the group, and Nurse Kristy popped in to see how Braden was doing. Braden has had fun getting to know some of his new crib buddies – the lamb and bunny, gifts from Sunday School. Bunny is brother to our Frog!

We did not have to get a pick line today, because the IV antibiotics finished up today, and our contagious contact order is over!! All panels were still negative today. YEAH – mommy and daddy get to hold Braden without restriction!! Our secretions continue to decrease, and our labored breathing has yet to rear its ugly head again, so some things are looking up for us.

We will hear the results from our EKG tomorrow morning, the cardiologist will be coming to see us. We know that they saw some abnormalities, but we are hoping they are nothing life-threatening, as we are thinking that they would have come to talk to us about it by now.

I guess once the cardiologist has conferred with the renal specialist, we will know more about our outlook regarding our hypertension. Please continue to keep us all in your prayers, as this is still a very stressful time.

Kodi, Brad, Braden


B said...

Seeing Braden track those little stuffed animals brings a smile to my heart! He's quite a trooper! I'll be praying for good results tomorrow!
The Ware's

Tonya said...

How awesome to get a care package via "special delivery!" I bet it was wonderful seeing friends and sharing some time together...just what the doctor ordered for Daddy and Mommy! It's fun seeing Braden and his "friends!" Braden, you're amazing! We'll be anxious to hear about your visit with the doctor today --- our prayers are with you!Love you, Tonya

Susanna and Greg said...

We loved seeing Braden with his new bunnty friend. We are so happy that you enjoyed the care package and we are very happy that Ronda and Chase were able to pay you a visit, I know it was good to see some familiar faces.
We are praying for good results from the doctors today!

We love you three,
Greg, Susie and Lil Miss