Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Heart Day!

We got some great pictures of the boys at Jackson's birthday party as he turns 1. I think Braden wants his own little wagon - he enjoyed it just as much as his stroller rides, watching the scenery go by, and hanging out with his buddy Jackson. He also seemed just fine with the swing, but we couldn't tell if he really liked it or not.

We wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day too...
Hugs and Kisses,
Braden, Kodi & Brad

Friday, February 08, 2008

We left Braden...

Well, God must have thought that Brad and I needed some fun time away from the baby, because last week an opportunity was dropped in Brad's lap to go to the Disney Institute Keys to Success Leadership Seminar at no cost, and I was invited to join him. In a matter of mere hours we had complimentary hotel rooms, flights, and someone we trust to keep Braden.

His daytime caregiver, LaTacia graciously agreed to watch over our little guy for 3 nights. We told her daughter JazMyn that Braden would be moving in for a few days. She replied, "Braden and I are getting an apartment?". Hilarious. For a week until we left she kept referring to her bedroom as "the apartment". I asked Jaz to take special care of Braden while his mommy and daddy were gone, and let me tell you that kid really took that to heart.

She was Braden's little care-giver, and was telling her mom and grandmother how to and not to do things with Braden. LaTacia's mom takes special care of Braden too... and JazMyn saw her grandmother suctioning Braden, and told her, "Don't suction him like that!" Can you believe it?? What a scream she is... she doesn't like to be suctioned down her nose, so she was protecting Braden telling grandma not to suction him like that. I was laughing so hard hearing the story from LaTacia. Braden did just fine while mommy and daddy took a work trip to Florida, and they even got to play a little bit too.

I have attached some pictures of mommy and daddy being little kids at Disney World. (Please note how much we got "into" the ride... our faces are priceless). They are already talking about when to go back and take the whole family... it truly was a "magical" experience.

Hugs to all,
The Wilsons

Sunday, February 03, 2008

We are better and celebrating Mardi Gras

We have gotten over our pneumonia and we are very happy with Braden's progress. This is our first pneumonia that hasn't been near-fatal nor required extreme urgent care in the intensive care unit. PROGRESS!! Braden is getting stronger to handle infections better, and we are convince our vest therapy is helping his pulmonary health.

Last year, some of you may remember we were in the hospital this time last year. We got to take Braden to his first Mardi Gras parade over the river with our friends the Heckert's. You can see, the mommies have like taste when it comes to dressing the boys, and no, it was not planned:-) We bundled up to watch this family-friendly parade and later joined Jackson in his new therapy room to play with Braden.

Mommy & Daddy got to take a last-minute work trip to Florida this past week, so we will soon post pictures from our adventures...

Happy Mardi Gras!
The Wilson's