Thursday, August 24, 2006

Still here for a bit

Today we will share pictures of the room we are in… note all the little writings on the wall – those are all of the cards you have sent Braden, his collection continues to grow! The other picture is from our last day in the PICU, with our nurse Kristy, we miss her already.

We go the results from our EEG, and it showed multi-focal seizure activity. They have decided to increase the dosage of Kepra, as it is the right medicine for the seizures he his having, so they are hoping the increased dosage will stop his seizures altogether, as we have seen an increase in activity since switching to Kepra. They will continue to increase the dosage over the coming days, and do another EEG on Tuesday to see where we are. Kepra can be taken orally (through his G-tube), so it is unlikely we will get a pick line.

The pediatric opthamalogist, says Braden has perfect eyes, so we should not need any surgery to correct anything anatomical. The renal specialist wanted to wait to determine a course of action after we had an EKG done, and we had that done today, it lasted for two hours! We are hoping that the endurance does not mean we will have difficult news ahead, but we will see what tomorrow brings.

Today his secretions have been MUCH less significant, and the medicine we are on to reduce them seems to be working. We no longer have a personal respiratory therapist spending their entire day with usJ We have barely met any of them since coming to the PCU, so it seems to be working.

We will be here through the middle of next week, at minimum. Some friends from church are heading this way through Houston and dropping a care package from our entire Sunday School class, it will be nice to have something from our friends back in BR. They will be dropping in on us tomorrow afternoon.

Stay tuned for the next update tomorrow, once we hear from the cardiology and renal team about our EKG, we will send an update. Please continue to keep us all in your prayers during this stressful time.

Kodi, Brad, Braden


aunt Jeannie said...


After seeing you "watch" your tv, I had no doubt that your eyesight was just fine. You had that typical little kid lock on your show. How sweet!

You are blessed to be in such a great facility and we all know that you will have everything done for you that can be done. You are in God's hands as he works through the doctor's hands.

Much love,

Aunt Jeannie, Uncle Dave and kids

Susanna and Greg said...

Me, Ronda, Amy, Melanie, Kim P, Ashley and Carleigh had fun getting things together for your care package! We are so happy that Chase and Ronda can bring it to you tomorrow! Greg will be in Houston next week so I am sure he will call to come by and visit you all. (he may even bring a few goodies!!)
We are praying that you will feel Gods loving arms around you during this trying time. We know that God is leading the doctors.

Looking forward to hearing how you like the care package!
Greg, Susanna and Lil Miss

Anonymous said...

I love the picture! I miss Braden too! You are such a nice family! That is the part of my job I love the most, meeting such a caring and wonderful family like you! I will try and escape the PICU tomorrow to come check on Braden!
Talk to you soon!

Tonya said...

Good Morning,Wilson family ~ yesterday was a productive day for you and I'm sure it feels good to get the results from the testing as they are available --- and good news, yea! We anxiously await with you. If you can't be at home, it looks like you have a pretty nice place to be right now and I'm impressed with the personal, attentive and loving care you are receiving. Nothing but the best for our sweet boy and his courageous parents! We continue to pray for your doctors, nurses and all the medical team who care for you during this time. Love ya, love ya, love ya ~ Tonya

shalamarie said...

That is so sweet that the nurses are checking in on him. That is so wonderful. See mom, he is making new friends already. No dount about it, he is going to be a heartbreaker!
I certainly hope we hear good news today. I look forward to talking to you guys everyday and I hope that I can lift some spirits when I do speak with you. Getting good news, is the highlight of my day.
Paxton wants Kodi for you to tell Braden that, " I will put Braden in my tummy if it makes him better!" She is so sweet. She is still carrying the baby, oh wait excuse me, the dolly- she get mad when I call it the baby, and his name is BRADEN. She takes him for a ride everyday at her daddy's on her tricycle thinking that him playing and having fun will get him all better and he can come home soon. What a sweetie. Love you guys- miss you more! S~

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Kepra will work for our little man and make him all better. I'm so glad that they won't have to do the pik line.

Your room is huge. Hopefully that make you feel not so much like a hospital despite all of the "medical stuff".

Anxiously awaiting the results of the EKG.

Love & hugs,