Thursday, April 05, 2012

Make A Wish

So we've been working with Make A Wish for nearly a year, now. We tried getting Braden approved for a warm therapy tub. We would get part of the way through approvals, then they would want more people to sign off on it because of the risk involved with him having a trach. Eventually, it became ultimately denied due to increasing liabilities and risks to the foundation. So we began looking for other things we could do for Braden.

Eventually we came up with light therapy options - so we started sending ideas to our wish team, not knowing what we would ultimately end up with. We narrowed Braden's wish down to our version of a room "make-over", by adding illuminating options to enhance his lighting experience! He loves the changing colored lights I've put over his bed, so we decided to take that concept and take it up a notch:-)

If I figure out how to post videos, I'll post them too!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Thank you 63 Games

March has been a great month for us, and April is shaping up in impressive fashion. I have SO MUCH to tell you about, but need to break it up into a few posts to give each the credit they deserve!!

We first would like to thank Luke Lutrell & wife Kristen (Wichita State U alumni) for thinking of Braden and including him as the official teammate of this year's online brackets. We are so grateful to be the recipient of this charitable donation! Braden will receive a check from the 689 entries made, to total $1,285 for his Medical Fund!! We are truly grateful to everyone at who helped make this possible, and thanks to our families and friends who did a bracket to support us - we are truly blessed and grateful for each person who provides us with financial and/or emotional support.

Luke also convinced his friend who owns IL VICINO in Wichita, KS who also hosted a fundraiser for Braden's Medical Fund. Many friends and family came out to support us. Believe me, we are REALLY FEELING THE LOVE from WICHITA!!

Brad topped of the tournament by working security at the Final Four Championship Game - as usual he met a lot of celebrities. Somehow, he always finds a way to be in the middle of the action! :-)

Thanks and love to everyone - we could not raise this child all on our own!