Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wednesday 5/10/06 2:45pm update...

This afternoon we met with one of the Surgeons that will be performing Braden's procedures tomorrow. He will undergo 3 different procedures to help correct his reflux. The day kicks off at 11am with a Fundoplication. This procedure consists of taken the upper part of the stomach that attaches to the esophagus and wrapping it around that lower esophagus to create a barrier to reduce the reflux. If you want to read more about this procedure, please type in the following web address ( Our second procedure after that will be a Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy. This procedure will attach a tube into our tummy so that we can eat. The following link explains the full procedure ( Lastly, we will have a Bronchoscopy. Simply put, they will insert a small camera into our throat and take a look around to see what everything looks like from the inside out. This procedure is explained in the link below ( All these will be under general anesthesia so recovery time will be 2-4 days and then from there it will depend on our stability as to when we go home.
So, in short tomorrow will be a landmark day in our small time here on earth. Keep the prayers going, you prayer warriors out there are making an impact.

PS. I have heard some people asking around about my post yesterday with regards to Braden having suffered some pre-delivery brain damage. Let me clarify by saying that the Drs have not confirmed nor denied this of happening, but it is certainly a cause for some of our problems. This will be something that we will continue to monitor as we develop. Sorry if some you felt that I indicated that this was a confirmed diagnosis.


shalamarie said...

Hang in there guys. We are praying for you! More than you know. I love you!

nana W said...

Thank you again for sharing the information to understand what is going to happen. Having that helps so much in understanding what the doctors are doing.
None the less it still dwells in our hearts and minds the well being of you all. We hope you can feel the comfort of our prayers and the Lords arms around you as tomorrow will lead to better days for our babe. See you soon. our love Nana W

Tonya said...

Thanks for all the info. My prayer warriors have been rallied on your behalf as you go into a big day tomorrow --- may His peace which surpassas all understanding be yours, especially as you wait tomorrow and as Braden is entrusted into the care of skilled and caring physicians and nurses. There will be many of us waiting "with you" and praying you through the day. Blessings and love, Brad and Kodi ~ Tonya