Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tuesday 1:50pm Update...

Well we have definitely been through an emotional rollercoaster. We received news this afternoon from Dr. Smith, Neonatal Neurologist that Braden's MRI results were within normal parameters which tells us that he is not suffering from any serious central nervous system defect. He will share Braden's results with the lead Neurologist and feels that she will concur with his findings. They are concerned about his muscle tone for a child his age. He does have movement and feeling, but they feel that he is on the slim side for his age. They are hoping that when his blood work comes back, that it will give them some insight into his muscle tone. They are not as concerned with this as they are with his swallowing reflex. They did determine that he has Reflux disease, which is common in about 60% of new borns.
This is where we have still some more questions to answer. We met with the Neonatal Surgeon this morning that wishes to do a procedure that will look at the inside of B's throat with a tiny camera. Based on those results, it will determine if we need a tube inserted in our stomach or if there can be some procedure done to allow his wind pipe to seal properly. This problem most likely stems back to when he was in the womb. They will look to do this procedure on Thursday or Friday.
All this seems like a lot but there has been some good family time spent through all this. He has some of the best nurses working with him and us. We were able to give him his sponge bath last night. This was Mom and Dad's first bath for Braden. That experience was so great for Kodi knowing what news we could possibly get today. It helped her spirits immensely and her recovery is progressing nicely.
I would just like to say thank you to everyone that has prayed and continues to pray for our family. We are not out of the woods yet, but we are taking each step knowing that it will lead us out of there. God has been so great to us through this process and we continue to call upon him and his healing hands. We are grateful to have Braden and will treat him like the gift from God he is.
Please look back to this website for regular updates. Once I get information, I will do my best to get it updated here.
I would like to also take the opportunity to thank my Mom, Nana Wilson, for her dispatching all previous information to our family. The second person that has been a huge help though this is Gram Betschart. It helps us go through all this knowing that we have family that loves us and him so much.



shalamarie said...

Hi guys, Thanks for doing this. I know that I stay in touch with you guys but there are so many others that are wanting to know too. I love and miss you all tremendously. I am so glad that Mom is down there with you two to help or just be a shoulder to lean on. I cannot wait to see pictures of him soon- HINT HINT BRAD!!!

nana W said...

Shala, send me you e-mail and I can send you some pictures we got.

shala said...

my email is shala@primeconcepts.com

Aunt Jeannie said...

Brad and Kodi...WONDERFUL news! We know that baby Braden is in the best possible hands. The two of you.

Many of his Merrill cousins had reflux. I'm sure that it has to have something to do the "HAZZARD STOMACH" HA HA

Give him a big kiss and cuddle from his loved ones in the 'Ville.

Aunt Jeannie

Tonya said...

Brad, Kodi and Braden ~

Nana Debby has been doing a great job keeping me/us posted, but this is great (technology is awesome). Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated...we have quite a group of prayer warriors (friends and family of ours) going for you guys and will continue to do so. God is using you guys in powerful ways as you journey through this new season in your life. You're great witnesses for Him, His faithfulness, His goodness, His mercy and grace. Big hugs and kisses to each of you --- we're celebrating with you and the news you received today, and will continue to pray for wisdom, guidance and peace as you continue to seek answers. We love you! Chris, Tonya, Tate & Sloane

Anonymous said...

Welcome to this world Braden. Kobie and Brad your family has been in our prayers since we heard from Nana Debby. Keep your spirits up and love each other as we know you will.

Debra Rose, Wichita Ks(St. Andrews Family)

Joh & Kathy Allen said...

Brad & Kodi, Our thoughts are with you and Braden. I know that you do not need any advice so please know that if you guys need anything at all, Please let us know and I mean that with all our heart. You guys are special people and Braden is going to learn how fortunate he is to have the two of you for parents. He is going to make a great Sig Ep one day (I am assuming that is a "given".
Our prayers are with you and call us when you are ready.

John & Kathy

Carl said...

Hey guys--

Joy passed along the blog address to me...I´ll continue to pray for you both and the little dude. Much love from Brazil!