Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday 5/21/06 9:30pm update...

Our first weekend at home was full of wonderful learning experiences. We have developed a schedule based around his feeding schedule. We get up in the morning at 6am when it is time to take him off the feeding pump. We take a little time in the morning to get around and then he spends a majority of the morning asleep. We eat again at 9am, then rest, then eat again at 12p and every three hours from there. At 5pm we have “Braden” time. This is when work on our exercises that were given to us by the specialist. We have tummy time on our boppy to help strengthen our neck muscles and our baby abs. He is taken to this slowly because he does not want to lay on his feeding tube button. After that we work on our swallowing muscles with the lemon swabs. These swabs work to create extra saliva to encourage him to swallow.
Tomorrow begins our week with a trip to the Pediatrician. This will be our first visit and Mom’s first trip with B by herself and driving. I am going back to work tomorrow so we have been working to learn how to do things by ourselves even though the other one is near by. Better to learn with help handy versus trying to do it and not have anyone there. I wish you all a pleasant week and we will continue to b in touch.



Aunt Jeannie said...

Brad, Kodi and Braden,

I have been checking several times a day for updates and am thrilled to hear that everyone is adjusting well. All of you will soon get into your routine and all will seem old hat.

It is great to hear that Braden has settled into his own room and his own home schedule. I am sure the he loves being in the cozy quiet of home.

Kodi, remember to rest when Braden rests and take care of yourself. With Brad going back to work you will need your rest even more. Things can wait until later to get done so don't sweat the small will be there later in the day.

Love to all of you,
Aunt Jeannie

nana W said...

good morning... what a thrill to see him, if anything we can get pics and stay current on his changes as he grows.
have a good day at work Brad and tell Braden that nana got his 3 tiggers in the mail and he can have them when he wants. Gram B and nana can keep one at their houses when he visits and needs his tigger.
love nana and momma

shalamarie said...

Thanks guys for putting up the Pictures. I have been dying for some. Let us all know when you are sending out more with snapfish. I have not gotten any of those in a couple of weeks. Love you- Shala

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys

Ray says Braden looks like "a Wilson"
We are so thrilled that you have him at home with you. He will do great. We know he is in God's care.

We are also so glad for the pictures and the updates.

Keep up the good work.....all of you

Ray and Dorothy