Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tuesday 10:50pm update...

We had another good night. We went to our 6pm feeding for dinner. When we arrived we learned that the Respiratory Therapist was called in to suction out our little airway. Apparently his reflux has become a nuisance since we have increased our feedings to 50mL. Everything turned out fine and they will continue to monitor him.
Later in the evening we went for bath time. This has become one of highlights from being in the NICU. The nurses allow us to bath him and spend some quality time together as a family even though we are in a very clinical setting. This has had a tremendous effect on our spirits and we enjoy every minute. After our bath, we get weighed and we gained another .4 of an ounce. Then comes the feeding. Mom usually holds him while Dad holds the syringe and pours in dinner. He tolerates it very well and is still.
Tonight was our first week birthday, so Mom and Gram Betschart brought an outfit to dress him in and he loves being wrapped up tight with his "tigger" blanket. Mom also brought him another special gift to place in his crib. A cross that his Great-Grandpa Stan made for Kodi and I a few Christmas's ago. We fixed it to the rails of his crib so that he can see it and those that interact with him see it as well. We had some more family time before we had kisses and cuddles and said our prayers.
Tomorrow will be another big day for us. The Dr.'s will meet and determine the best course of action. Most likely we will have a scope placed down our throat to see what exactly is going on down there. This is a minor procedure that he will most likely sleep through. We will then wait for those results and get some more answers.

For those of you that are reading our story for the first time, I will be doing a two part series describing everything that has happen from the beginning. Before we went to the hospital, we decided that we should keep notes on everything that happens. Little did we know that this would be so important. I have several small pages of "chicken scratch" that I need to decipher. Please be patient and look for those in the future.


Tonya said...

Good morning, Brad & Kodi ~

Your words inspired me this morning. I am so proud of you guys and I thank God for blessing you with such abiding faith. Like I said yesterday, you guys are awesome witnesses...you are on a unique journey and it's so inspiring to see how you are using it to God's glory. ~ I hope Braden has a great day and that your meetings with the doctors will provide reassuring answers, clear direction and encouraging steps to move forward. Give Braden some extra "kisses and cuddles" from us --- Have a blessed Wednesday! Tonya

nana W said...

Good morning Brad, Kodi and Braden,

This has been a great way to get the word out to alot of people.Good to hear from Carl. Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Jerry are in Germany and they can check too. have a great day, give that sweet baby lots of kisses from his nana and grandpa. talk soon.

Leigh said...

Kodi & Brad,
I just wanted to send you thoughts and prayers today and let you know that I am thinking of the two of you and your precious gift, Braden. Not a moment goes by that you are not in my prayers. I hope you have a great day and hear positive news from the doctors. Thank you for keeping us posted.

Aunt Jeannie said...

Good Morning Wilson Family,

As soon as I got to school today I brought up Braden's webpage so that I could see how he was doing. The miracle of prayer is working as each day passes and Braden get's stronger and bigger.

Thanks so much for keeping us updated. All of you are in our thoughts and prayers all day long.

Give little Braden more kisses and cuddles from all of us and we look forward to more pictures.

Aunt Jeannie, Uncle Dave and cousins

Jenny Betschart said...

Hi Wilsons!
Shala's been doing a great job of keeping us updated. You're in our prayers!
Shane & Jenny

shalamarie said...

Hi Guys, I wanted you to know that our office has a little colage going of Braden's pix. Everyone is thinking and praying for you all. You are going to get through this with flying colors. I know both of you and your persistance to succeed. I love you and lil miss Paxton is wanting to see her cousin Braden very soon!