Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday 5/5/06 10:26p update

I told everyone that we would work on that family photo, well here is it with a bonus picture of Braden after his bath. Today was another good day. We got word from his Dr. that they are going to up his feedings again to 60mL and push back some procedures because of some progress we have made in the last two days. His therapist was encouraged by his sucking and swallowing reflex that she wants to repeat his swallowing test from last week. She gave us some exercises to do with him over the weekend to strengthen our oral muscles. Based on how we do next Tuesday at this test will determine many things. Also, this should be the time we get results from our blood work. Early next week will prove to be pivotal in determining our next course of action(s). Lastly, we gained a whole 2oz to 8 lbs 8oz.
Gram Betschart will be leaving tomorrow morning and Uncle Brian and Aunt Nurse Jenny will be with us for a few days starting tomorrow as well. We will continue to post updates over the weekend.



Tonya said...

What awesome, awesome pictures...I'm sure they will bring "happy tears" to many eyes this morning! --- such a "handsome" family! It's so good to see y'all together and know you had another good day! I pray travel mercies for Kodi's Mom and blessings upon your time with Brian and Jenny (HI!, Brian and Jenny --- glad you are there!). It's a big weekend for the Crawshaw family...Tate is being confirmed! Thanks again for the "perfect" picture! Love you guys! Tonya

nana W said...

that is the way to start a day. what a beautiful picture. you all look great. He looks like I see a smile on the corner of that mouth.
thank you for sharing as this makes the day brighter. Praise the Lord and as I have prayed: Lord wrap this family in your arms and hold them close to you and all the prayer warriors out there. It is your will.. Amen and Amen
love you so much nana W and grandpa

nana W said...

one more happy thought. I have a new addiction. BABY Braden pictures and the best part it is good for you. My spirits are high, I won't gain any weight and I am sure my blood pressure is good and my thinking is clear. Thanks.
nana W

shalamar said...

I love it! I am so glad to see you all smiling including that little miracle. Baby b-dub- keep growing and getting strong. We all cannot wait to see you. Love you guys~

Victoria said...

Thank you both so much for keeping tis updated - It has become more of an addiction than eBay! I can not tell you how much Braden's little smile touched me tonight! It sounds like he is making great progress, I would expect nothing less since he is a Wilson!

Take care of yourselves as well, you are in my every thought and prayer.
Love and support from the chilly North! Victoria