Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursday, 5/4/06 9:40pm update...

It was not our best picture together, but we were able to take a few. He was not wanting to cooperate tonight. His tummy was upset from getting fed too quickly. Secondly, those nurses in the audience will understand, when they check his tube they blow a little air into his stomach to make sure that they are in the right spot. He did not take too kindly to that so we were not able to have bath time because he was irritable. We decided that the nurses will get the pleasure of bathing him tonight. Plus, Mommy was not up for staying late tonight. In her mind she thinks she is wonder women, but her body is not quite there yet.

We will try to work on a better family picture tomorrow.



Aunt Jeannie said...

Brad, Kodi and Braden: That is a cherished family picture and I just loved it. I am going to print off some of the pictures and take them to Great Grandma and Papa Patee. I don't think that they know how to pull the picturs up on the computer.

Each day sounds better and better and Baby Braden is getting stronger and stronger. Both you and Kodi need to take care of yourselves. Before you know it little B will be home and you'll get to fully enjoy the wonders of night feeding times.

Thanks so much for keeping the blog up to date. It is wonderful to check on all of you during the day.

Massive hugs to all three of you.

Aunt Jeannie, Uncle Dave and the gang

Tonya said...

Good Morning! Another great picture for us to print off and admire throughout the day! Thanks for doing such a great job keeping us updated and "in pictures" --- it helps for those of us "back at home" who can't be there with you. It's good to see Braden making progress sucking on his binky and showing his spunk (in the pictures yesterday)'s good to see the two of you looking strong and healthy. Kodi, I hope you're letting others pamper you ~ now's the time to "be queen!" You deserve it! More hugs and kisses to you, Tonya

shalamarie said...

This brought tears to my eyes as I am sure you can understand. I wish I was there to help you get settled and to make sure that Big sis is taking care of herself. She is such a strong person. I admire her for all that she is and has become. What a great role model and inspiration to Braden she is going to be. Brad- you are the best thing that has ever happened to Kodi. Thank you for taking in all that you have in the last 6 years and being such a rock for our family. I cannot thank you enough. Big HUGS~

Pat Parish said...

I think the family photo is wonderful! We'll be glad to see more, though. This all is sounding very familiar to me, from five years ago when my little granddaughter was in NICU at Woman's, tied up in tubes for two weeks, getting tests and occupational therapy sessions and, in general, things a baby should not have to put up with. We are all certainly stronger because of that, although at the time we just took it a day, sometimes an hour, at a time, with God's help. Lauren now runs high-speed circles around me, and I pray Braden will make that kind of progress too. "Baby B dub" -- I think that's a cute name for him!-- Pat

Tamara J said...

He is beautiful. And Mom and Dad, you're not bad either:-). But I guess that stands to reason. Thank you for keeping us all a part of this experience. We are thinking of you and sending prayers of health and strength every day.

nana W said...

Dear ones,
WE hope this has been a good day. It sounds like everyday is getting better. Safe travel to all tomorrow. Keep us posted on the family. God love you all.
nana W