Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday 5/12/06 11:30 pm update

This morning Mommy & Daddy went to the hospital to visit, my first day after surgery. We were resting OK, and Mommy called throughout the night to check on my progress. Daddy went to the airport to pick up Nana Wilson, and we stopped for a short visit. The Neonatal Surgeon stopped to talk to Mommy, and shared some NEW discoveries with her. My left vocal cord is paralyzed, but they don't know if it is temporary or permanent. It shouldn't affect much of my development, but will probably give me a raspy voice as I grow up, but this is something a pediatric ENT Doc will have to watch. The Nuerologist wants to keep seeing me on an outpatient basis to watch my progress and development as I grow. The Occupational Therapist is working with Social Services to get me going in Early Steps, a program designed to help my parents and me continue to develop. My evening visit was short, as I was very irritable and jittery as post-op seems to be giving me some discomfort. My nurses and doctors are doing their best to keep me comfortable, and even re-routed traffic from the main door near my bed, to the other side to try to give me some peace & quiet rest that I need to heal and get better. I hope to have a better visit tomorrow.


Arudolph said...

He seems to be a very strong little boy who is ready to go home. I am thinking about you constantly and wish him a speedy recovery from surgery. I am sure that once he goes home his recovery will speed up from the comforts of home.

PS: I have always had a thing for boys with a raspy voice (wink)!

nana W said...

good morning all. He is sooo cute. He is trying to rest but you all know how it is in a hospital. I made it fine with beautiful weather and flight. We will stay busy with hospital visits and unpacking boxes. Off to a baby fair at the hospital to learn about our boy. Nana W

Tonya said...

Braden, you're a trooper! You're going to have great stories to share as you grow glad to see your picture, post-op! Nana Debby, glad you made it safe and sound---I thought of you often yesterday! We just stopped in to see Grandpa Richard at FCS and wished him a belated bday. Brad and Kodi, we continue to hold you extra close in thought and prayer...enjoy Nana's visit and take advantage of her many skills around the house! Enjoy your time together ~ I'm so glad Debby can be there to celebrate Mother's Day! Off to take care of my "little patient..." Love you all! Tonya

Aunt Jeannie said...

Baby Braden.....having a raspy voice will just make you! Cousin DJ had a deep froggy voice too! You continue to amaze us with your strength and desire to get better. You must feel all of the hopes and prayers being sent your way. I put you on prayer lists in Maryville. Every prayer helps!

Happy first Mother's Day Kodi and welcome to the club!

Bradley and Kodi, remember that all will be well and that this time will soon fade into your memories as Braden thrives and develops into the wonderful little man that God intends him to be.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all three of you every moment of every day and we can't wait to see and hold you all.

Love and Hugs,
Aunt Jeannie, Uncle Dave and the cousins

Gram said...

Happy Mothers Day! I'm glad to hear that baby B is doing ok. I'm sure he will continue to improve as many thoughts and prayers are coming your way. I sure do miss the little guy. (you too of course!) Remember, God has special plans for our special boy. Papa Tom is recovering nicely as well. He is black and blue on the backs of both legs from his knee replacements. Not ready for any marathons just yet. I have to remind him that he's not superman. (Sound familiar superwoman?) Love, Hugs, and kisses.

Aunt Jeannie said...

Branden....Nana Wilson just called and told me that you are playing the "tongue game"! How wonderful!!!! That sure shows that you are aware of what is going on and what you are doing. Keep it up with anyone that will play the game. Early play like this will help your sweet little brain grow and grow. Nana also said that you had a better day today and that you might be home soon. That will be the best thing ever. I know that Mommy and Daddy can't wait to put you in that sweet little cradle that Gr. Grandpa W. made just for you.

You keep working really really hard and you will come a long way.

All my love, hugs and kisses...
Aunt Jeannie

shalamarie said...

I am so glad that you had a wonderful Mother's Day Kodi. Oh the joys. Soon you will be getting all those handmade cards and treasures that he will give you. Keep them all. You will hold those so dear to your heart from here on out. I cannot wait for you guys to bring him home. He is ready to be in his own bed I am sure. I love and miss you guys. Hang in there!

Aunt Jeannie said...

Baby Braden,

Grandma and Papa Patee got to see your pictures yesterday. Aunt Jeannie printed them all off and made them big so that they could get a good look. They both thought that you looked so cute and oh so much like your Daddy.

Uncle John, Aunt Angie, Cousins Derek and Danielle got to see them too! You were the hit of the day.

We are all anxious for you to get better and get home so that you will all be able to cuddle and bond without all of those other noises and sensations around.

Keep strong and work hard at getting better.

Much love to Brad, Kodi and Braden,

Aunt Jeannie