Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday 5/18/06 3:15pm update...

Home sweet home. We have been home for little over an hour and in that time we have had one dirty diaper and had our 3pm feeding. He is resting in his room as a big boy. After 24 days of waiting and wondering he is finally home. We have a mountain of appointments to make next week with our specialist who are stilling working on our case. We are just fine with that because he is now home. We still need to be cautious about how we handle him and his feedings at home. His feedings are not that technical, but we do need to be careful on how we handle his tube and his “button” on his tummy. Last night was the first of many that we feel we will have with little or no sleep. He made sure that Mommy and Daddy knew who the boss was before we got home. We learned a lot about his pump and how to use that with him yesterday. The time flew by because so many of his nurses wanted to say good-bye before we left. It was great to know that he had made so many friends and people that we interacted with for three weeks were congratulating us as we walked down the hallway. Lastly, this will not be our final post. We still have some outpatient exercises to work on so, we will still continue to update the blog as we get updates.



Aunt Jeannie said...

Brad, Kodi and Baby Braden,

I am so happy for all of you that I am crying. I was sitting at the computer and felt the need to check your blog and was so elated to read that you were HOME! I am going to call Grandma and Papa Patee and the Merrill gang as soon as I get off the computer.

This is the first of many milestones that you will face as a family. This road will be bumpy, have curves and even forks but it will be so wonderful. Every parent is on this road and it is the trip of a lifetime.

God has blessed each and every one of you with being a family. And we love that you are in our family.

Love, Kisses, Hugs and Prayers,

Aunt Jeannie Uncle Dave and the kids.

The Giles Family said...

That's just great news! Thank you so much for sharing throughout the weeks via this blog. You've been so busy and had plenty on your minds but it has been great to get updates on Bradens progress so thank you, thank you. Call us if you guys need anything. Mandy.

Susanna and Greg said...

Yeah! We are sooo glad that Braden is home with you now! Now you get to have all the fun times that go along with being a new parent. We hope yall got some rest these last few weeks so you have the energy to stay up all night!! We are so very happy that your story has a happy ending.

Greg and Susanna

shalamarie said...

Again Kodi & Brad, I am sooooo happy. I was crying when Kodi called me in the car on the way home. I just cannot believe it is finally here. Let the good times roll! I cannot wait to come down there and see the brand new man! Love you and we are still praying for you. Shala & Paxton

nana W said...

Well Mr. Braden you will now get the special treatment your momma and daddy have been praying for. I am so relieved, thrilled and happy this little guy is home. He will get some real rest and care. The nurses and staff were great and I am thankful to each of them when needed. Braden now needs mom and dad.
Thank you to all who embrace and love this family from Kansas in Baton Rouge. You all certainly make it easier to be apart when such wonderful care and faith is offered to this special family from the midwest.
Thank you and God bless all you have kept this family close to their hearts over the past days.

Nana W, Grandpa, Uncle Brent and Uncle Scott

Anonymous said...


You guys cannot know how happy we are that you have your baby son home with you.

Savor every minute with him.

We love you all
Ray and Dorothy