Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday 5/26/06 update...

Yesterday was our one month birthday! I can hardly believe it. Mom and Braden are doing well at home. He had successful visits with the Drs and specialists earlier in the week. They, along with us, are anxious to see his progress. Because the treatments and care vary we are waiting to see which direction he wants to go. Based on how he progresses will determine the type of care he will receive.
He is sleeping well at night. We put him down around 8 or 8:30pm depending upon how much time either of us want to spend with him after we "plug" him in. He makes it through the night until around 4am at which point he lets us know that he either needs changed or he is ready to get up. Mom thinks that he may be developing colic. She is going to speak with his pediatrician today and try to determine that maybe some of his irritability is attributed to this or something else. If in fact it turns out that he maybe a little colicly, we will consult with our family expert Nana Wilson on how to best treat him.
This has been a very positive week for us in terms of learning to live as a family. We have read all that we could, but there is no substitute for "on the job training". We hope that everyone enjoys their holiday weekend. We continue to be amazed at what God has provided for us with Braden.

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Aunt Jeannie said...

Happy Birthday Baby Braden!

Great Grandma Patee, Great Papa Patee and I were talking about what a big boy you are getting to be!

It is wonderful that you are sleeping so well at night. That sure helps Mommy and Daddy. Just keep working hard and it will all work out as God intends.

Big cousin David is home from the Army for three days. He asked about you and can't wait to meet you too! Maybe when he comes back in July, and Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Jerry will be home, you will be able to come home to Missouri so that all of us can get a cuddle and a hug.

Much love, hugs and kisses,
Aunt Jeannie, Uncle Dave and the kids.

nana W said...

yeah Braden.... We are so happy to hear about your first week. I cannot tell you how many people ask daily about this sweet boy. We will continue to pray for progress and growth. happy,happy and keep mom and dad on their toes.
love from Wichita,
Nana, Grandpa, Uncle Scott and Umcle Brent

nana W said...

By the way I was thinking about the hours this babe sleeps at night, and I only wish his daddy and uncles slept so well. I think you guys have a touch I wish I had known about. That is awesome....the rest is good for him and his momma and daddy. give me the secret.
love ya momma

Victoria said...

So happy to see that cute little man doing so well at home - oh ok, you too Kodi and Brad! I look forward to these Braden updates all the time! Have a wonderful weekend!