Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tuesday 5/9/06 5pm update...

Happy two-week Birthday. Today was full of updates and consultations. We got the results from our EEG from yesterday and we have all normal variations and have improved scores from the last EEG we had a week ago, which is good. An EEG is a test done to determine brain activity. Secondly, we got the results from our genetic work that came back all normal and free of any metabolic diseases. As for the results from our swallow test this afternoon, the conclusion was that he his still aspirating after he swallows. Therefore they are going to conduct two procedures later this week. One, will be a Bronchial scope to determine what exactly is going on in his throat. This procedure entails sliding a small camera down his throat and taken a look at what is going on from the inside out. Second, we will have an operation on Thursday to implant a feeding tube into our stomach so that we can continue to work on our swallowing and still get fed. This will enable us to get him home sooner, but we will learn how to feed him through the tube. Not ideal, but we are certainly getting closer to having a full recovery. Lastly, we had a conversation with the Neurologist that basically told us that at some point in time while Braden was in the womb, that he may have sustained an injury to his brain. They could not tell us when or how severe, but that is what they have chosen to focus on now.
So, for now we will take one day at a time, and one step at a time. We will have more information to share as the week develops. Please continue to lift Braden and Kodi in your prayers.



nana W said...

Dear Kodi, Brad and Braden,
We will continue to lift this new family up in prayer; for strength, wisdom for the doctors and joy in this beautiful child of God. God will not leave us or forsake us. Braden is and will be in His hands. I am sure all the prayer warriors out there will be asking for the Lord's guidance.
All our love....nana W and grandpa,uncle Brent and Scott

Aunt Jeannie said...

Kodi, Brad and Braden,

Braden is our sweet little one and we know that he is God's little one too. I am sending out your story to my friends and their friends so that your family will be added to their daily prayers. Maryville has seen such wonderful miracles of prayer lately that I know that Braden will be added to those miracles.

As each day passes Braden is becoming stronger and stronger. As each day passes our prayers become louder and louder. God will hear and he will prevail.

We love you all.....Aunt Jeannie, Uncle Dave, David, DJ, Alisha, Danielle, Derek, Dakota, Dannen and Debrielle

Tonya said...

Oh what a sweet boy...everytime a new picture arrives my heart leaps --- I echo the words of Nana and Aunt Jeannie...what a precious child of God! You guys are precious too and we continue to hold you all close in thought and prayer. As you continue to seek answers and guidance, I pray for you strength and understanding and peace. The Great Physician is holding Braden in His embrace and The Comforter is there for you! Praying today will be a great day for you all...Love, Tonya



This blog is a wonderful way to let everyone know about Braden's progress.
We continue to pray for all of the family and also for Braden. We know God knows what is best.
We love you all.