Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday 5/16/06 5:30pm update...

Sorry we had to go a few days without updates. We discovered that our cable line from the box to the house was cut. Not sure how, but they repaired it today. Any way, Braden had a good weekend. Of course it was rocky coming off the surgery and the pain meds but he is tolerating his feedings and is resting great. They did some routine blood work today to compare with previous labs. Apparently this is a Monday thing. We have learned that much of what they do is dictate by the day of the week. I am sure if there is an emergency then they would do what they have to, but stable babies get certain tests on certain days. He is on room air and getting continuous feeds. Once they get him to a certain level, then we will start bolus feeds. This means that we will go back to our every three-hour feedings with the tube.
Our first Mother's Day started off a little rocky. When we arrived at his bed, his feeding tube had spilled over in his bed and he was not getting any milk. We asked where his nurse was and according to one of the other nurses in the room, she was on break. Well, needless to say this put Mom and I in a dissatisfied state. Kodi had to remove herself as to not start a riot. Nana Wilson and I along with the Dr calmed him down and got him settled. He was not in any pain, he was just hungry. Kodi did manage to talk with one of our previous nurses about this and she suggested that we contact the charge Nurse. Kodi had a polite but pointed conversation about this incident. She was apologetic and reassured us that she will take care of the situation. This was apparent this morning when we arrived for our morning visit and each nurse was attentive and accommodating. Kodi made sure that they knew that we have been more then satisfied with the level of service our son has received, but we could not let what happened yesterday go unreported. I hope that all the Mothers out there had a blessed day and it was special day with Braden's mother and his Nana.



John & Kathy said...

Thank you for keeping us all up to date with the blog. We are thinking of you all (in southern language that means Mom, Dad, and son) every day. We are thinking positive thoughts and certainly would not have wanted to be a nurse in the way of the "irrate Mom". I am certain they got the message!!!

Aunt Jeannie said...

We were wondering how baby B was doing. So nice getting an update. It will be great when you can get him home and he can get the best care in the world.....Mommy and Daddy's care.

I am sure that the nursing staff knows that Braden deserves the best care in the world and that Mommy and Daddy and Nana W. will make sure that he gets it.

Love ya,

Aunt Jeannie

nana W said...

Wow he is the sweetest baby ever. I made it back just fine and will miss seeing you all. Grandpa and I will be back in 5 weeks.
Brad and Kodi... I am so impressed by the manner in which you have handled everyhing in the past few weeks. You are a strong witness to the power of our Lord. Your trust is awesome. Braden has been put in the hands of great parents who love and protect him. I know you have a support group who will be there for you when needed. We love you very much and blessings to you.
Momma and Nana