Sunday, August 31, 2008

We are "hunkered down" at the Rec at LSU

Braden has not had a good few days, so we have decided to ride out the storm at the rec center. We have "quarters" in the very center of the building, with no windows, and in a very structurally sound building. We wanted to be close to intensive care, in the event Braden needed it, and the PMAC across campus is acting as the local triage... so we figured being that much closer was a better idea than trying to get out of our neighborhood, which is prone to flooding right at our corner. We are also 9 miles closer to the hospital here too.

We are in the safest place possible we could be in Baton Rouge, so don't worry about us. We will try to make contact again once the storm has passed, but it will probably take some time to reestablish contact via internet and phone. The good news is that Baton Rouge is the "staging center" for storm response, and once again LSU is right in the middle of it, so we expect to be one of the first back up after power goes out.

Just pray for all of us - that's all we need as of now! Thanks!!

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Tonya Crawshaw said...

We've been watching the news all day today with you foremost in our thoughts. We continue to pray for your safety and comfort as you ride this storm out. Loved seeing the pictures of the sweet boy...he always brings a smile to my face! Love to you guys! Your "fight" and determination are amazing!