Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On the vent, but comfortable

Braden had a tough night, by now you might see that the overnights are his toughest time, and you can understand how mom and dad are tired, run-down, and sick too, since we have been battling this virus since last Sunday/Monday. Although he had some big desaturation periods, the nurse seems to think that something in him "broke loose" because they had to do lots of suctioning for about 20 minutes in the wee hours just to get it all out of our little guy.

The doc seems to think that he is just dealing with a virus and battling "mucus plugs" in his sinus cavities. We are now getting an antibiotic, as the sputum culture is showing some things growing, and this should knock out whatever he has. In the meantime, we are keeping an aggressive pulmonary regimen of every 4 hours getting treatments on the IPV (like that vest for ventilator kids), which has seemed to help clean him out.

Braden has never been comfortable being on the ventilator, but this time he seems to not be fighting it every time he is awake. Because he seems comfortable, of course mommy and daddy are more comfortable too... as the normal scenario is that Braden dislikes the tube so much he's usually trying to cough it out and push it out with his tongue. For whatever reason, this time, he seems to have found a middle ground. So we are making small strides for now, and things are looking up.

We still have no indication about our length of stay, so for now, just pray that God guides our doctors and nurses to the correct plan of care so that our stay is only as long as it needs to be. Thanks to all those who have reached out to us and who have been praying for us!! We appreciate all of you more than we could express.

Maybe tomorrow we will have some news to share.
The Wilsons


Tonya Crawshaw said...

Yes indeed, dad and mom can rest more comfortably when our wee ones are comfy and peaceful. I pray you are able to rest now that braden is resting better. I know you will take care of yourselves when you can...we will pray for you ALL good health, restored strength and His peace that surpasses all understanding! Lots more love and hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

We love you doodle bug! Aunt Shala & Cousin Paxton- " I want my buba to get better so lets pray mommy!"

Doris Glass Heckert - Jackson's Mommy said...

Glad to hear Braden is more comfortable, praying all of you start feeling much better soon...let me know if we can do anything...

all our love,

the heckerts

B said...

We're pulling for you Braden! I hope that you and Brad get to feeling better soon too! It's miserable to have everyone sick, especially when Little B is in the hospital. We're praying for you guys!