Monday, August 11, 2008

Hospital News

Well we have taken some strides towards getting better... late yesterday we took Braden off the CPAP and put him back on a nasal canula for O2. He has given us more "blue episodes" than what is normal, but he still is not back to his normal self. We are on a rigorous treatment regimen of nebulized medications, the vest, and the cough assist to get all of this stuff that's in his sinuses out, because he can't blow his nose like you or I. I think Braden, mommy and daddy all have the same nasty head cold.

His whine/cry is still pretty pitiful, telling me he's not yet ready to go, as he is lethargic. He hasn't had much awake time since we've gone in to the hospital. We have more specialist doctor consults today, so hopefully we will have a better game plan.

Not sure if we will get to go home tonight or not, I think we are looking at one more day given the level of oxygen he's requiring to keep his sats up.

We would have been at the balloon festival this weekend, but the hospital is not far from there, and we got to see the balloons right out of our window from the hospital, so instead of the crowd and fanfare version, we got our own private little viewing right from our bay in the PICU.

You can see he is resting better, and he has a chorus of angels looking over him. The angel overlooking the children on his blanket was my grandmother's, so it's kind of like she gets to watch over him too:-) We know he has good care here, and that many people are praying for him, we thank you for your continued prayers as Braden continues to gather strength.

Thanks and love,
The Wilson's


Anonymous said...

With all of the balloons and Angels looking over you you can't help but get better quickly. And I'm sure that all of our prayers are helping too!

Take care little guy and get better soon!

Love ya,
Aunt Jeannie, Uncle Dave and the cousins

Shalamarie said...

Grannie Cack is most certainly watching over our little man. She is praying the rosary non stop I guarantee it! She probably is rocking him gently when he sleeps. Love you buba.

Anonymous said...

Little man,
you have all our prayers. Keep getting better.

B said...

Glad there's positive progress. We're still pulling for you!
Brandy, Jeff, Madeline and McKenna

Anonymous said...

You are all in my thoughts and prayers in overtime right now! Wishing you a fast recovery and return to comfort!