Saturday, August 02, 2008

Big Boy

Well this has been a busy week for Braden. We finally decided to turn his car seat to face forward, as his legs are much too long now and he can push against the seat. Earlier this week even Latacia mentioned just how long Braden is getting these days. So now he has a whole new world to look at!

We continue to join the Saturday swim class, every week is a new adventure, because we never know what Braden will do in class. This week he was wide-eyed and awake the whole class. He donned the new patriotic swim trunks the Heckerts brought back for him from their convention trip to Ohio. Braden was showing Jackson how easy it is to float when you relax.

We saw a rainbow on the way to work the other day, so we thought we would share it with you.

Stay tuned for more Braden and family adventures,
The Wilsons


Doris Glass Heckert - Jackson's Mommy said...

I love those shorts on him----and that he is trying to teach Jackson to float----Rainbows are my favorite, so rare, but so beautiful---I like to think of them as God "smiling" down on us

shalamarie said...

YEAH! Go Braden. Looks like Jackson is doing a wonderful job learning to float as well. Miss and love you tons.
Aunt Shala & COusin Paxton