Friday, August 15, 2008

OK, one MORE day on the ventilator

Because of his "de-sat" episodes he has occasionally throughout the day, they will keep him on the ventilator for one more day. He is doing well as they continue to decrease the actual support the machine is providing, and he is starting to do some things for himself. So if all goes well, he will get extubated tomorrow, and we can maybe go home Sunday, providing he does well off the vent.

Pray that the transition goes well - this is the part that makes us all nervous, the transition off the vent. Braden may very well surprise us, as he is getting bigger and stronger. We thank you for your continued prayers - we feel them!! We are so grateful to have so much wonderful support and prayer for our little soul.

We hope to have an update Sunday with our status.
The Wilsons


B said...

You've got our prayers through this tricky time. Of course, he'll surprise you, after all, he is a BIG boy now! Hope everything goes without a hitch!
Brandy and the gang

Katerina Ralli said...

I'm praying hard...give him a kiss from me. Kathy Romberg from Austin

shalamarie said...

Paxton, "Oh bubba, I wish I was there to give you a great big kiss and big hug."
We are still praying our hearts out. Love you all- S & P

Anonymous said...

You will have our prayers forever you guys.

I pray that mom and dad are getting better as well. Don't forget to take care of yourselves.

Get well ALL of you.
Deb Rose and family, Wichita