Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bracing for Gustav

Sleep Study Photo

Well, Gustav is heading for us, and we are trying to be prepared. We are trying to get all our supplies in case we lose power (and yes, they do price-gouge when a storm is approaching), and we have a back-up plan. Please pray that God will spare our area of the country from severe damage, as many families are still recovering from losses in Katrina and Rita - we were one of the lucky ones and Baton Rouge was spared from the devastation seen in New Orleans and Lafayette and our low-lying country on the gulf coast. Today is the 3rd anniversary of Katrina, so many here are really on edge as you can imagine.

In a strange twist of fate... today is also the anniversary of when we found out we would be having a baby, as we evacuated from our parish seeking cover from Katrina. To keep the strangeness alive, Braden's chair from Sweden has finally arrived and was supposed to be delivered today, however the company went into emergency preparedness mode, and they canceled delivery of the chair today:-( Of course we are bummed, but we are also OK knowing the company was taking care of all oxygen patients (like us), making sure they all had cannisters before the storm hit. We feel pretty prepared for the storm... classes have already been canceled for Tuesday, so providing we have power or the storm misses us, we will update the blog as usual.

We did a sleep study last night, and I use the term "sleep" loosely. They wanted to see what Braden was doing at night with his oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. We will have some results in a few weeks, results we hope to take with us to Houston and hopefully see a pulmonary specialist there.

Pray for the entire Gulf Coast region!! Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Jerry from Pensacola were already headed to Branson for a family gathering, so we are praying for their home's safety, as they have taken some hard hits in the past. Thanks for the continued prayer for Braden and all of us - we feel your love across the miles, and your encouragement really does give us the fuel to keep going!

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shalamarie said...

We are praying for all of you in the south. Us up here in the North are anxiously awaiting the passing of the storm. We love you and will be thinking of you constantly over the next several days. All our love- Shala & Paxton