Thursday, August 14, 2008

Still on life support, but things look good

Well, it looks like we have to stay on the ventilator another day:-( But Braden had a GREAT day yesterday, and had a pretty good night too. (The nurse said sometimes just having the parents bedside helps the little ones get better faster - they can hear the voices of those that love them and are reassured they are in a safe place and can relax.) He is still having episodes of desaturation, which makes the medical team uncomfortable, so we hope to try to take him off the vent tomorrow. Right now our focus continues to be getting him respiratory IPV treatments every 4 hours to keep breaking up all that stuff inside him. He is such a big boy now, and trys to cough all that stuff up, which also causes his sats to drop... as he recognizes there is a tube in the way of his efforts, so he gets mad and frustrated and will clamp down around the tube or on the suction tube.

He seems to have some good periods of alertness, so that's another sign he is feeling better. His eyelids are barely purple now. He is giving all the nurses and respiratory therapists sweet stares, and of course, is making new girlfriends:-)

So, it looks like we will still be here for a bit, because he will have to make it through a good bit of time OFF the life support before they let us go. Just pray for Braden to transition well, as coming off the vent is something he can really struggle with. He is being so sweet these few days, not fighting the tube, so we pray he will be ready to "take over" after all his rest on the ventilator.

Thanks for the prayers & support,
The Wilsons


B said...

Thanks for the update! Prayers of support and strength are headed your way!
Brandy and the gang.

Anonymous said...

We love you and we are praying that all will go well tonight and tomorrow and you will have a very speedy recovery. Love you all. S & P

Tonya Crawshaw said...

Hi Sweet Boy! I love the picture..."uncle" Chris has been fighting "lions, tigers and bears" at work, so on Monday morning I told him I wished him a day of "kittens, bunnies and lambs." --- your little lamb made me think of that! I wish for your days to be filled with "kittens, bunnies and lambs" too! Keep fighting, our little trooper! We love you! Brad and Kodi, you are amazing! Loved hearing your voice today, Bradley! :) Praying like crazy!

Anonymous said...

Now that is a great picture - Braden Baby your color looks so much better already! Keeping all of your in my thoughts this weekend!