Friday, June 30, 2006

Two month birthday in the ER x 2

Well, we spent our two month birthday taking TWO trips to the Emergency Room at the Children's Hospital. Braden, a very strong boy, managed to pull his feeding tube out this past Saturday. Mom went into panic-mode, but Daddy helped us get our emergency kit, and we managed to get the mostly deflated tube back in where it goes, and the doctors and nurses gave us many compliments on the job we did. They put in a new tube, but inflated it with air instead of water, even though we asked about it. The next morning, his mickey tube practically popped out on its own... and it was back to the ER for a Sunday morning birthday present. Mommy was reading the manual that comes with the tube, and it says everywhere NOT to inflate it with air, but use saline or sterile water. So this time, she made sure they put water in it... I have been through enough.

Things have been good since, and Nanna Debby and Grandpa Richard are coming to see me. I have more to post on their visit tomorrow. We are still waiting for the results of our panel to come back, so keep praying that we have good news. In the past, when it comes to specialists, usually no news is good news, so for now we will hold on to that. We will write again soon, thanks for checking my blog!!
Braden Mark Wilson


Aunt Jeannie said...

Baby Braden,

What a little minx you are!! You know that you don't want that tube in and you just decided to take matters into your own hands.

It sounds like you are in the routine of life right now and I hope that each day gets better and better. Braden looks so great in the pictures. I am sure that he is growing leaps and bounds.

We are making a big trip down south on the 10th to watch cousin David get his Army commission and are going to try to fit in a brief stop in Baton Rouge. I will call or email direct as soon as we see if it can all fit in.

Can't wait to get the tomorrow's update and see what Baby Braden is up to next.

Much love,
Aunt Jeannie, Uncle Dave and gang

Victoria said...

My my my, what some babies will be for attention. Maybe just for fun, next birthday month can be uneventful? I am glad to hear everything is going well since his extra attention. You are all in my thoughts and prayers!