Friday, June 16, 2006

7 Week update - June 16

Well, we made 7 weeks this week, and we had lots going on. The first good news, was that our bloodwork came back from the extended metabolic panel that the nuerologists sent us to get, and it all came back normal - yeah! Then we met with our surgeon, who decided we should get an upper G.I. next Monday, since we are still having some acid reflux, in spite of the surgery... so this will tell us if everything is working OK like it should. So we will know about those results in about 2 weeks. We got the OK to take a real bath, and swim if we want to. We hit a milestone this week... Braden smiled at mommy TWICE in one day - a smile that was not coerced by tickling:-) It was so cool!! We look forward to our first father's day together as a family, and will have more to share next week. We go for our first visit to the ENT (ear, nose, & throat) to visit with the doc about our paralyzed vocal cord, on Monday. Looks like Monday will be a big day for us, so please continue to keep us all in your prayers. Braden is decked out in his LSU gear, tiger and all, we hope you enjoy this pic!
Kodi, Brad & Braden


nana W said...

oh my gosh! is that the cutest oh what.... I just had grandpa make some pictures today, Well we will have to do somemore. This child is so blessed and everyday I meet more people who are praying for you all. He is in such good hands and the doctors will be guided to make the best choices with God's guidance. Have a fun bath sweet Braden. Have a great first father's day BJ. We love you all.

Momma, Dad and your bro's

Anonymous said...

Braden is the sweetest baby. We do enjoy the it always.

We know that God is good and he has plans for Braden.

Keep up the good work Mom and Dad and have a Blessed Father's Day

Ray and Dorothy

Tonya said...

What an adobable picture! That is definitely a perfect picture of "God's goodness," peace and pure love. We'll be praying for you and all the activities of the week to come. May "Braden smiles" be in abundance in the days to come --- what a precious gift! Brad, HAPPY FATHER'S are most deserving of the best day ever! Love to you all! Tonya

Anonymous said...

Hi Brad and Kodi,
Debby has kept us informed about Braden's progress. We were so happy to hear that he has started to smile for you!! He's a handsome little guy. We've been keeping him in our prayers. God bless the three of you.
Evan and Jane