Thursday, June 22, 2006

8 Week Update, part 2

Yesterday at the pediatrician, we found out that we are 10 lbs!! While we are making progress, we dropped another percentile group... but Mommy feels like now that we are DEMAND feeding and not schedule feeding, we will soon catch up, as I expend a LOT of energy and even work up a sweat several times a day. No surprise, as I was VERY active in the womb as well. I got two more immunizations too.

We had to go get another blood panel done - Mommy spent two hours at the lab on the phone with the nurses and eventually made them talk to each other in person, to ensure we would not be repeating a test that she feels we have already done. The test we recently did was a Complete Metabolic Panel that came back normal. This test they call a Neonatal Newborn Fullscreen, which tests about 100 things, as the regular newborn PKU screen only tests for like five things that came back OK while we were in the hospital.

We also had our first photo shoot today for a collage they call "precious parts", and we will post the link on the blog for everyone to check out when they are ready. We are ready for Nana Debby and Grandpa Richard to come visit - we will have some fun things to post next week while they are here. They will be learning how to take care of me, so Mommy can work a few half days next week. We will celebrate Mommy & Daddy's SIXTH year anniversary next Saturday, and we are glad it will be a family celebration.

Keep praying for us as we await the results of our blood panel, while we hope that we don't find anything wrong, we are also hoping for some answers.

Love to all,
Braden, Brad, & Kodi


nana W said...

good morning... we are thrilled to be near our trip and honored to take care of Braden. wow no pressure on us... glad to hear Braden gets to eat on demand pretty much like the rest of us do. whenever we want. Have a good friday and see you in a few. love nana Debby and grandpa Richard

Aunt Jeannie said...

Braden looks so sweet in his he is thinking of all he can accomplish in his life. I know that Braden will love to see Nana W again and Papa W will just love to finally get to hold him. What a thrill, your first grandchild!

Braden looks better and better with each new picture. It is as if things are working out for Braden. I hope that you get comfort in the results of these new tests.

Have lots of fun next week and we hope to see you all soon.

Aunt Jeannie

Tonya said...

What a big boy! Braden looks so "big" in this latest picture...what a handsome young man! I can't wait to see the pictures you had taken this week -- how fun! We'll be watching for nana Debby and Grandpa Richard pictures too....lucky ducks, get to come squeeze and kiss that sweet boy. We'll be sending lots of hugs along with them from the Crawshaw 4. Brad & Kodi, you're doing an awesome job --- stay on top of those medical professionals. Sometimes they need a little respectful assertive questioning and nudging! Braden deserves THE BEST! We love you guys and continue to pray! Tonya

shalamarie said...

I just love this picture. He looks like he is getting so big. I sure hope his tummy is not too sore from Saturday. He is very active and has to be really strong not to let you know he pulled the tube out. Love ya~