Saturday, June 10, 2006

More Tests.. Saturday June 10

Well, this week our neurologist sent us to get yet more tests... they still are concerned about a metabolic disorder, so they have sent us to get a more extensive blood panel done, that focuses on metabolic issues... something more specific than the panel that was sent to the Mayo Clinic. We won't know anything until this coming Friday, we hope. Our neurologist has pulled in her partner on our case, so now we have the two best pediatric neuros in Baton Rouge in tandem on our case. Mommy goes to see her doctor for a check-up this coming week, and our usual weekly appointments with the pediatrician, home health nurse, and occupational therapist. We have gone up in our feedings, so we hope to have gained some significant weight by this coming Wednesday. We go see the surgeon as follow-up on our surgeries this week too, so we will have many updates to share.

Braden is still fussing and throwing a fit for most of his waking hours... none of our doctors can seem to pinpoint what is going on and why. We get about 20 minutes of "sweet time" in the morning, and he was nice to mommy on our evening walk tonight, so that is the picture we shared... he seems to like our walks. He did give mommy "big eyes" and a non-crying spell for about 30 minutes tonight while on our walk and post-walk.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!
Kodi, Brad, & Baby Bee


Aunt Jeannie said...

Brad, Kodi and Braden,

Thanks so much for the updates. Even though I call Nana W. to check up on you, I still LOVE the pictures. I am going to Great Grandma and Papa Pate's today and will print off the picture for them.

This is a great time of testing for all of you as you get used to each other and weather the storm of Braden's condition. I know that you will keep fighting for the answer, no matter where it takes you. Just trust in yourself and most of all trust in God.

I will see Nana and Grandpa W today and have another present for sweet baby Braden. I hope that you enjoy!

Love to all,
Aunt Jeannie, Uncle Dave and the Merrill kids

Tonya said...

It's always a treat to "see" Baby Braden! I look forward to your updates and pictures.

Nana Debby and I had a "girls night out" the other evening...she can't wait to come visit again. We'll be sending lots of hugs and kisses with her for each of you!

Baby Braden is such a precious gift. May God continue to lead and guide you as you seek answers and may He give you strength, endurance and peace as you journey on through parenthood.

We love you,

Anonymous said...

Kodi & Brad,

I'm keeping you in my thoughts. I hope for the best.

Jamie Beck

Susan Betschart said...

I'll try this again. I've tried to send a message several times now and it just won't go. Maybe this time.

Paxton and Shala were down this weekend for a short visit. Paxton was looking at her baby pictures and they were all Braden to her. She is growing and changing just as fast as Braden.

He looks so tall and skinny in this picture. The last picture he looks like he is doing very well with his surgery scars. Looks better than mine do!

Papa Tom has stopped harrssing the natives on his four wheeler as he has graduated to the pickkup now and is doing more on a daily basis. He gets tired real easy and his legs swell quite a bit, but he's getting around real good. They even kicked him out of physical therapy. I think it was so they didn't have to put up with him anymore!

Braden looks like he really likes his walks. Keep up the faith and remember to take time for yourself. Braden needs both of you.

Love and miss you!

shalamarie said...

Kodi, People are always asking us, "where do you get your sarcasm or smart mouth from?" We normally shower that compliment to our Paternal side. You would think... by reading the comments about "harrassing the natives" that our smart mouths might be coming from our smart mouthed mother! I am absolutely cracking up right now seeing dad "harrass" all those people. They probably throw rocks at him! Anyway- thought you could use a laugh. I love you ~SS Did you manage to make it of of Target... without being "smart" with anyone? LOL :)