Monday, July 03, 2006

Wilson Grandparents Visit the South

Nana Debby and Grandpa Richard came down to spend a week with us, and what a week it was. They were initiated into the special needs feeding support team, and passed with flying colors, allowing Mommy to work for three half days. Nana Debby got to go to the doctor and the physical therapist with us, for a first-hand view of what our week is usually like. Grandpa Richard was busy helping us get our new house up to snuff, playing handy-man and helping Brad on some home improvements. Having "live-in babysitters" allowed Mommy a late sleep-in when Braden was up most of the night one evening, and allowing her to do some home improvements too. The week just flew by too fast, and it was over before we knew it... it was nice to celebrate our anniversary with them, as they were nice enough to order-in our usual anniversary meal from Outback.

On our actual anniversary date, we took our first family social outing to Amy & Trae's for some dominos and dinner, and enjoying visiting with Susanna & Greg. See how cute our little man is?? We hope to have more updates on that panel this week - we never heard anything last week, so please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Kodi, Brad, & Braden


Anonymous said...

Kodi & family,
Brandi just gave me this blog site as I had lost the email you sent it in the first time... You are such a strong family! Braden looks so adorable! He has certainly been through a lot in the months after birth, as have the both of you. It sounds like you are all doing so well though! Kodi you are such a strong person that I feel that Braden couldn't have a better mom to take on all of these challenges! We are enjoying our little boy (Connor) too who was born on June 15 of this year - they are so sweet and innocent. His big sister is loving him MOST of the time too! Keep your chin up and I am sure Braden will get stronger every day. It is amazing how strong (and strong-willed) these little ones are. You are in our prayers! You all are doing such a wonderful job! In our hearts, Sherry Peterson (Wakefield) & Family

shalamarie_99 said...

Oh, How cute. First Wilson family photo. Just missing the other brothers. So glad that Richard and Debby were able to come down and spend good time with you guys. Sounds like you all had a great time. This time, Debby got to be more of a grandma then before. Love and miss you ~S


Sorry I haven't been to see the blog site for a few days. I knew that Grandpa and Grandma Wilson were there and our Granddaughters were here so I have an excuse.

So happy to see the newest pictures of Braden........he is so cute. You guys are troopers...just hang in there. God knows what will happen to Braden. Keep the faith. We love you all
Ray and Dorothy

Gram said...

I love those blue eyes. You should tell Granny Cack that he has her eyes. What a doll. He looks like he is really growing all stretched out on the exercise ball. Hope work and the search for a special sitter are going well. Love and miss you lots!

Anonymous said...

Look at you hawt mama! You look amazing...motherhood certainly suits you!

I was just checking to see any updates, and to let you guys know that I continue to think of you.

Shannon McLean~Pope