Wednesday, March 07, 2007

March Madness

Braden and his frogs, as we gear up for St. Patty's.

Well, our little man has a case of the GREEN... but not in a good way:-( His poor little sinuses are so packed, they are overflowing out of his eyes, so they are oozing green stuff. We started a regimen of antibiotics and hope that kicks it - if not we may be looking into treating potential allergies he may have inherited. The winter was pretty mild, so the allergy season here is truly in full force, and affecting the masses.

To update you on Braden's progress:

Braden can hold his head up for longer periods, and there really isn’t much “bobbing” anymore. The other night he held it up almost constantly for about half an hour with a few short breaks before getting tired… so we are seeing progress. He is cooing a lot more… mostly just like humming an “aahhh” or an “ooohhh” – which we know are his happy and content sounds. Sometimes he will ‘sing’ to us all the way home from daycare! (He LOVES car rides and stroller walks, and being held – those are times he is cooing most). Still not a lot of variety in his sound making, except those little jibbers we get when he is dreaming (adorable & hilarious at the same time). It sounds like shaking off a chill or something… hard to explain, easier to imitate.

He is finding that he can move his arms with purpose, and not just when he is mad. He is back to hanging them out to the side, or up in the air, or ‘flex’… some of which we haven’t seen since we were hospitalized at TCH at five months. So we are hoping to now move forward from here, now that we seem to have caught up to our "pre-TX" status.

I can't believe he is already 10 months old, time has really flown this year. Al new parents are told this - but you don't really expect it to go by as quickly as it does. Thanks for your continued prayers and support - our lives would be SO MUCH DIFFERENT if it weren't for the wonderful people in our lives, like YOU!

Kodi, B&B


shalamarie said...

WOW- Do you think that Grandpa is laughing at all the FROGs? Probably.
He is getting so big. We are planning on coming down for the festivities of little Braden turning the BIG 1! I know, everyone tells you it goes so quickly but you really cannot understand how fast time flyes until you have little ones......
We love and miss you ! S & P

Anonymous said...

Hi you guys

We have been watching and reading your blog entries (We haven't forgotten you all)
Grandpa and Grandma also keep us up on the goings on in your lives.

Frogs are good.........always makes me think of Fully, Rely, On God.
Ray and Dorothy Baus

Gram said...

Looks like Braden is really comfy with all his froggie friends. Hope he gets over his congestions soon. He's bound to feel better without all of that stuff.

Can't wait to see the little man.

Love & Hugs,
Gram & Papa

Ashley Bagwell said...

Braden, you are so precious! WE love you and enjoy seeing you grow up! I love your new St. Pattie's Day pics! You are so handsome in them! Love you

Eileen said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby.
You don't know me but I heard about
you from your Grampa Richard.If you have another name for him that's ok.You know who he is and so does God and that's all that matters.
Your in my prayers Sweet Angel and so is Mommy & Daddy.
A little kiss from me to you.