Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy St. Patty's!

Sorry the post is late... we have been battling to keep Braden out of the hospital. While on the phone, our nurse wanted to take him in, we refused, knowing the circus that ensues once we are there... they freak out because he breathes so heavy and "in distress", that we get stuck in the ER for five hours, and then they admit him & keep him for at least four days. Now that we have oxygen at home - there is not a whole lot more they can do for him at the hospital, that we can't do at home, so we are trying to keep him out of that environment and possibly picking up second-hand illnesses/viruses, as has happened in the past. Luckily, our specialist Dr. Thomas agreed, and we just started an aggressive 7-times a day nebulizer treatments of saline, pulmicort, and steroids, plus adding antibiotics to his formula, and using the inhaler as needed... this will continue for 28 days... then we step it down a little bit, as we lose 3 nebulized treatments a day of the steroid, but will maintain a more intense nebulizing schedule to keep things loose so he can cough it out. Braden is really doing a great job of that!!

After we got his new routine established, we took a break as a family on Sunday to take a walk on the levee... mommy & daddy got to enjoy some down time in the cool breeze (a rarity for these parts), and Braden took a nice nap. Usually he like to look around a lot during a walk, but the new schedule and fighting off sickness/allergies/etc. had him a little worn out! We have had some rough nights with little sleep lately, as we try to get him healthy again, but slowly we make progress.

Will post again soon - we are planning another family outing this Sunday too. We will try to take some pics to post for everyone. Thanks for checking in on us...
Kodi, B&B


B said...

Sorry to hear that Baby B has had a little trouble! I think it's always better to treat them at home if you can! I'm glad you have a Dr. that agrees!

Gram said...

Sounds like this new regimen will get things under control. Hang in there little man. Love you lots. Can't wait to see you again.

Victoria said...

I am sending you all my love daily! Maybe that fresh SOuthern air will get him motivated to get better!