Friday, February 23, 2007

Braden and his friends

We just wanted to share some pictures of Braden's new friends. The first pic is of our Texas Childrens Hospital PICU Nurse, Kristy B. We stopped in to see her on our last trip to Houston. The next one is of all Braden's school mates on Valentine's Day, and the third is on Valentine's Day with the owner of the daycare, and one of Braden's special attendants - Latacia. The last picture is of Braden's new little friend Owen, he is two months old and the son of our friend Kim from Sunday School. Owen is also quite the "big baby", he is already just as long as Braden at 26 inches, and he weighs about 15 lbs, and can hold his head up really well - I just can't believe he is only 2 months - it's like holding a 5-month old baby!! Owen was quite fascinated to discover the "other baby" (Braden), and they are sure to be great buddies.

Braden is adjusting well to his oxygen regimen, and just now starting to adjust better to his feeding schedule. While we still have YET (at ten months) to have a full night's sleep without interruption, we are only getting up about twice, and about 15 - 20 minutes... let's hope this trend stays longer than the twice-a-night-up-for-at-least-an-hour trend... :-)

Have a great weekend everyone!


shalamarie said...

He looks so loved at his new daycare! I am so happy :)))))) BIG SMILES!
I love you little man.... I cannot wait to see you. I will be finishing up with Radiation and heading down to see you as soon as possible! Little miss says hello too..... she still wants you to come and live with us!

Gram said...

Looks like Braden has lots of new friends and caregivers. How exciting! It looks like he gets lots of hugs and great care.

Hopefully Braden will adjust soon and let you remember what it feels like to sleep all night!

Love and Hugs!