Saturday, March 31, 2007

He's Bubba-Licious!!

Happy Holy Week. Thought we would drop a quick update. Braden is only getting up about 3 or less times a night, and mommy and daddy are still trying to adjust to the extra allotment of sleep... we hope to be able to fully enjoy it soon without the extra wakings without Braden:-)

Thought I would share some of the things about Braden that puts a smile on my face. When Braden is trying to fall asleep, sometimes he will kick in his legs in a bicycle fashion. When he is awakened and still wants to be sleeping, he will arch his back and stretch and kind of grunt. When he is waking up from a good nap, he will scrunch up his face and stretch his arms straight out. He is also getting more active about "singing" or "talking back" to you... even his therapist this past week was enjoying the back and forth exchange of cooing with him. Braden is getting re-evaluated next week, to see if he will be able to handle semi-solid foods (or at least try) with rice cereal or yogurt or pudding - so we will keep you posted with that exciting news. It will probably be more of an exercise to teach him how to eat, than to get him nutrition, at least until he gets the hang of it.

Here are some pics we took this week to celebrate the Easter Holiday - we will post more next weekend too!

We could use some extra prayers for mom & dad this month, some unexpected expenses have come up, and we know that God will provide a plan, but it's still very stressful on them. At least Braden is getting stronger, having fewer oxygen drop alarms, which is some hopeful future peace of mind.

Love to all - Kodi, Brad, and "Bubba-Licious" Braden

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Victoria said...

I wish the Easter Bunny would leave me something that precious in my basket. You are in my prayers now and always. It always seems thing have a way of working when you least think they could. All my love from the Windy City!