Sunday, March 25, 2007

Nice weekend in the pollen & the oaks

Mommy & Daddy struggled through being sick Friday & Saturday, and about noon Sunday finally felt good enough to venture outside, and yes, into the pollen. We made our way to Oak Alley Plantation for a partly-sunny day at the arts and crafts fair, and just enjoyed the spring beauty. For those who don't live here, the spring brings a ridiculous amount of yellow pollen that coats everything... reminds me a lot of the dust storms we suffered in KS in the late 80's. After walking the grounds at the plantation for only a few hours - our ankles and shoes were absolutely covered, along with everything else. We could tell we had enjoyed the outdoors long enough once our faces started to itch, and the sneezing ensued. Although we battled sickness on the homefront, the weekend ended well.

We got results back from Braden's last heart monitor, and it showed that he is having no arrythmia - which is a blessing! Braden seems to be taking to his new routine well, as he is sleeping more throughout the night (finally), and we hope soon he and HIS MACHINES will sleep for a six hour stretch! :-)

Braden's medical prescription needs continue to escalate, but he seems to be responding well to the new medical protocol. When Braden is continuing to grow strong, we know the sacrifices we make now, will be worth it in the long run.

Thanks for your continued prayers. Mommy learned today that God even answers small prayers... and He is SO GOOD!! Thanks for keeping us lifted up in His love and grace.

Kodi, B&B


Anonymous said...

We love the new pics! Looks like yall had a great family day:)

Greg, Susie and Kailey

NanaW said...

Dear ones, what a cutie... love the curls precious boy. Glad you all went on your outing.

Love you much,
Nana W

Caralyn said...

Absolutely loving the hair Braden! I miss you all, and I am thankful that God is faithful to our prayers. Hugs to all!



Anonymous said...

kodi just a note to let you know i'm thinking about you and brad and baby braden. what a precious little boy you have. So cute! dena