Sunday, July 23, 2006


Today is the third day we have been on our ACTH, and it has already given us some side effects. It seems to have given us some irritability back in our personality, more so around our digestive issues again, and we are pretty tired and don't want to be disturbed if we are sleeping.

Daddy gave us our shots yesterday and today, getting over his fear of needles pretty quickly. Mommy is pretty nervous about giving the shots, I guess it is about not wanting to see your baby in pain.

This week Braden is coming to work with mommy as Susanna is off to see her mom in TX. We will miss her! We see the surgeon tomorrow about our overgrowth around our G-tube, it is 'gucky', so we hope to get that cleaned up and taken care of.

We are still having seizures, but not nearly as many, and not always full ones, and more time is passing before we have more episodes. Please continue to keep my entire family in your prayers, as Aunt Shala was just diagnosed with breast cancer at age 28, and starts radiation therapy this week. We have all had a rough week, and we need your prayers as we face many difficult life scenarios right now. Shala's prognosis is good, as they caught a usually fatal kind of cancer with a 12 - 18 month life expectancy at the very front end, so her chances are looking good for radiation therapy to work.

Thank you for blessing us with your support, love, and prayers.

The Wilson family


Susanna and Greg said...

We have been praying and so ahve many other people in our families. We know that you all will make it through this trying time, Shayla is also in our prayers. I will miss keeping Braden this week, I am looking forward to keeping him agiain when I get back from Dallas!
We love yall,
Greg, Susanna and Lil Miss

Susanna and Greg said...

WOW, I just noticed all the typos on my post. Sorry about that.

Kelly Carmona said...

Hi, this is Kelly, Shala's friend from Dodge City. I just wanted to know that God will take care of your little boy and Shala. Please take comfort in that. All the worrying in the world will not change God's will. Be strong, enjoy every moment with your little guy - they dont stay little for long.