Monday, July 10, 2006

First Smile and Red Hair?

This past week brought some positive news from our therapist. We are getting more flexibility and our stretches at home are making a big difference! We are getting a stronger sucking reflex, so the therapist wants to try a swallow study in August, which could mean our feeding tube could come out sooner:-) Braden is gaining weight, he is now 11 lbs 4 oz and I think he is 'fattening' up to be a chunky baby. I caught one of his first smiles on camera, so I thought I would share. He is starting to enjoy his own reflection, and his hair seems to be turning more strawberry blonde every day!! Gram Betshchart and Great Grandpa Wilson have passed on more genes than perhaps any of us anticipated. He is more satisfied on our new feeding schedule and continues to be more pleasant throughout the day. He used to get a little jumpy when being 'patted', and that seems to have subsided now too!!

So we continue to have hope that he will continue to thrive and regenerate any damage suffered but only time will tell. We are off to the nuerologist tomorrow and will get the results of the extended panel - so please keep your prayers strong for us. We will make a new post when we have news to share from that appointment. This week we head to "train" the lady who will be taking care of Braden... she lives on the way to work, around the corner from ur subdivision, and if you can believe it, has a daughter that lives in Derby! Small world... we will share more with everyone soon - thanks for your continued support!

Braden, Kodi, and Brad


nana W said...

hey you precious boy... you are looking so much older. I love the overalls. We are praying for good news tomorrow and continued growth and healing. We miss you and love to hear about you from mom and dad. They are very special people and only do what is best for you. God be with you all.
Love and kisses from nana and grandpa, uncle Brent and Scott

Susanna and Greg said...

We are so happy to hear that Braden is doing so much better. He is in our thoughts and prayers everyday. And so are you and Brad, we cant imagine how tough this must be for you both, but you are strong and we know GOD will get you through the tough times.

We love yall,

Greg, Susie and Baby

shalamarie said...

Go Braden! Love you~

Tonya said...

I love the pictures! Good to get your news and we will definitely be anxious to hear how your next appointment goes. We love hearing from you. Nana Wilson shared her "brag book" the other evening --- y'all are abundantly loved by MANY! Thanks for allowing all of us the privilege of journeying with you and praying for your family. We love you guys! Tonya and family