Saturday, July 29, 2006

Seizure update

We got the photo collage we ordered back, these were taken at about 2 months. It is called a "precious parts" collage, and we just LOVE it!

We are finally starting to see some reduction in Braden's seizure activity, so hopefully this means that the ACTH injections are working. All of your prayers are appreciated, and hopefully this means that they are all being answered! We anxiously await the day the seizures stop altogether.

We have switched therapists to a lady who has been doing it for 14 years, and has a similar case to ours. The mom even agreed to talk to me, I will be calling her soon.

I have been busily interviewing sitters for Braden, and I think we will have it all figured out next week. We have had some good ones, we will share more about the final picks once the selections have been made. Again, thanks for the prayers, as we need this one answered. Braden went to work this week with me, and had many admirers and visitors. They want me to bring him all the time:-)

We get a new g-tube put in on Monday, as we have grown too big for ours. The steroids are making us gain weight, as mommy & daddy are finding new rolls every day:-) We will be sure to post pictures as we get more chins:-)) Thanks for checking in on us, write us a note for Braden's scrapbook if you get a chance!

Kodi, Brad, & Braden Mark


nana W said...


nana W said...

actually nana loves mom and dad too for being such wonderful parents to our boy. He is blessed in so many ways. Thank you mom and dad for taking such good care of me!!

love to you all

Anonymous said...

I love the collage. It is so precious. Of course! I'm so glad Braden is responding to the medication. Keep up the good work. I hope you find just what you are looking for in the nanny department.

Love to all.

Susanna and Greg said...

Glad to hear that Braden is doing better. I have missed keeping the little squirt this week. I am SOOO glad that you have some possible sitters for when I start teaching. We are having a BLAST in Dallas! See you soon.

Love to you three,
Greg, Susanna and Lil Miss

Ray and Dorothy Baus said...

We have been keeping up with you all.........through the site and thru Grandpa and Grandma Wilson. Both of us really are in tune with you all. You guys are so...................tough all three of you. Just hang in there....God knows what His plan is.........we don't.

Anonymous said...

Praying for your safe travel to Houston and the needed care that Braden needs to grow strong, stop having seizures and become your smiling playful baby boy! God Bless your family. Thank you for sharing Braden's Blog with me.
Nurse Penny from Baton Rouge.