Thursday, February 01, 2007

God is SO GOOD!!!

We have some great news to share with everyone. As I grow in my faith, I am still learning that I am worthy to ask God not only for the really big things, but the small things too. I have also learned that only He knows my innermost desires and can deliver the things in our life that we truly need.

Shortly after Christmas, a news story aired featuring a mom who has a special needs child, and would soon be opening a daycare that would accept children with special needs. You wouldn't think that in this day and age and political era, that childcare centers would be able to discriminate against the disabled - but it happens to us all the time - we just don't sue when we are denied access to services. This mom faced it so many times, she finally decided that without any government help or grants, Baton Rouge had a need for a facility that would openly accept children with disabilities. I only wrote down the name of the place and only jotted down an address, as I wasn't listening too closely, as we already had plans for Braden in the long-term.

I thought that I had thrown this paper away, since I wasn't really going to need it, but for once, my procrastination paid off. This past week I began to clean up the paper trails around my house and found that piece of paper again with a name and an address. So Braden and I packed up our things and just drove over. The owner's mom was there, and she took my information, and I made an appointment to come meet with the owner of the facility last Friday.

We started talking, and I learned that the owner (LaTacia) has a four-year-old special needs daughter too. I soon learned that her daughter also has epilepsy, a g-tube, developmental delays, an apnea monitor, has had a pulse-ox in the past, and also has a suction machine. We were there for about 15 minutes when LaTacia asked to hold Braden while I started to fill out some initial paperwork - and she went straight into "Mommy-Mode" and asked where the "on" button was on the suction machine was - I could not believe it!! We spent a few hours with her this past Tuesday in the center, and I got to meet and train Braden's other caregivers (four of them) - all of whom are related to LaTacia. They are very in-tune to Braden's needs, and have a very strong hold on their faith. They are AMAZING!!

Braden went to "Kidz Korner" for two full days this week (Wed & Thurs) and is doing great. After we came home Wednesday night, I literally began to cry for joy that God had answered our prayers, as I was reading Braden's daily progress report from the daycare. We could not have built a better care-giver for Braden if we had put in a special order with God himself. Tears of joy, thanking God for his everlasting love, and trusting that He will always have a better plan for us if we put our trust in Him.

We head to Houston to see the lead nuero on Monday, so we may have some nuero update next week. He is still having less than 10 seizures a day. Last week he had 8 bradychardia (slowed heart rate) episodes, and to our knowledge only has had 2 this week. We have some cool news to share... Braden is started to roll from his back to his side, and from his side to his tummy, until his arms get caught in the way:-) He is now doing this when he is not throwing a fit, so we think he is learning!! As you can see, Daddy is also teaching him how to use the phone and the bluetooth, so he may be calling you all soon!

Thanks to our ever-faithful prayer warriors, who continue to lift us up. Thanks to our bible study groups who continue to pray for us collectively, and to all those we don't know who have devoted time to add us in your prayers. We are so very thankful, and blessed by all of you.

Have a great weekend, we will be watching the SuperBowl from our hotel in Houston!!
Kodi, B&B


Crooksta said...

So glad to hear things are going well! My prayers are always with you!

-Ashley (the Family Caregiving news story girl)

Arudolph said...

His cute little chunky arms gets in the way that's why he isn't rolling around all over yet!

I'm glad things are going well, just wanted to tell you again!

Jess and Johnny said...


We're so happy that you were able to find great care givers. You guys are always in our prayers!

Jess and Johnny

NanaW said...

That baby has the most beautiful blue eyes. WOW... Thankful to hear about LaTicia,from one child care provider to another parents are blessed with a faithful caregiver.
Have a safe trip to Houston.

NanaW, Papa, uncle Brent and Scott

shalamarie said...

Oh what a relief. You guys deserve it. I told you that god never lets one door close without a greater door opening. I cannot tell you how happy I am about this all for you guys. This is a great motivator to know that God does answer our prayers! Love you

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing to hear you guys. You are always in our prayers.

Little B is still cuter then the little tire boy.

Deb Rose
St. Andrews

B said...

That's really great about the daycare! I know that he'll get great care and you can go to work knowing that your Precious little kiddo is being taken care of!

Gram said...

Braden just keeps getting more hi-tech all the time. Sharon says grannie Cack is hi-tech now too with her pace maker.
Love to all,

Gram said...

Braden just keeps getting more hi-tech all the time. Sharon says grannie Cack is hi-tech now too with her pace maker.
Love to all,

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Evereyone,
I hope Kodi and Brad doesn't mind me posting a comment. I'm Latacia, Kidz Korner's owner and a mother of a special needs child. I'm, should I say, we are so BLESSED to have Braden be part of our family. God has chosen this path for us for a reason. I'm so happy that you guys are happy and you have the support from family, whether it be support locally or via internet. I'm glad Kidz Korner is a place you feel comfortable with and enjoy bringing Braden to us for quality childcare. We love you guys and once again, THANK YOU for allowing us to share in the growth of Braden and being a BIG part of your lives. Yes, God is GOOD ....ALL THE TIME! We have to accept what GOD allows!

Kidz Korner