Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Heart Day is on it's way

Our little friend JazMyn just couldn't wait to give Braden his valentine's gift - the one she picked out just for him... so we already exchanged our little tokens of love. The new kissie frog resides atop Braden's crib, at the end, so the new frog doesn't crowd the old ones. But here are pictures from the day she gave him the frog - as you can see, it's HUGE, and is the size of Braden even!! We love you Jaz, and the entire Breaux family... you will always be special valentine's to us!!

So start shopping now if you haven't, even the kids can't wait! :-)
The Wilson's


B said...

Love it! Hapyy Heart Day Wilson's!

Anonymous said...

So glad you posted new photos. I was having some with drawls!
Love and hugs- SS & PS

momofkreeandbells said...

I love that Braden loves the frogs. Amie loved the frogs as well!

Spoiled Sweet said...

So precious Kodi! Glad to hear you all had a wonderful holiday season and that Braden is doing so well! DO you mind if I highjack one of Bradens photos in his bibs??I would love to add him to my Spoiled Sweet photo gallery!:)